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Sartre Today: A Centenary Celebration

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Sartre Today

A Centenary Celebration

Edited by Adrian van den Hoven and Andrew Leak

344 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-84545-167-7 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (December 2005)

ISBN  978-1-84545-166-0 $34.95/£27.95 Pb Published (December 2005)

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“Each chapter is well written and thoroughly researched, offering an overall balanced and insightful analysis of the subject at hand. The first two parts… treat the general reader to a crash course on Sartrean existentialism, which undergirds his engagement; the second part... links Sartre to the contemporary understanding of neuroscience and group therapy, and the third relates Sartre’s interest in biography, cinema and theatre to contemporary trends in these fields…This volume confirms Sartre’s stature as universal intellectual.”  · Modern and Contemporary France


Sartre Today is a tribute to Jean-Paul Sartre on the centenary of his birth (1905-2005). With twenty-two contributions from leading Sartre scholars in North America and the United Kingdom, this volume will greatly enhance Sartre scholarship in the English-speaking world.

The diversity of these chapters reflects the depth and breadth of Sartre's wide-ranging engagement with the political and cultural issues of his time. Yet as these contributions demonstrate, it is clear that Sartre's work still offers an important framework through which to address contemporary issues of a similar magnitude. This applies to Sartre's enduring contribution to philosophy and his conception of violence and terror, as well as analyses of the latest political events in the United States. Other contributions address Sartre's relationship to the contemporary understanding of neuroscience and group therapy as well as his conception of literature, biography, the theater and cinema.

This rich volume will be of great use not only to all Sartre scholars but also to anyone who has an interest in modern philosophy, politics, psychology, and literature.

Contributors: Thomas R. Flynn, Joseph S. Catalano, Reidar Due, Steve Martinot, Ronald E. Santoni, David Detmer, John Duncan, Hazel E. Barnes, Betty Cannon, Constance L. Mui, Peter Caws, Ann Jefferson, Dennis A. Gilbert, Colin Davis John Gillespie Ian Birchall, Betsy Bowman and Bob Stone, Azzedine Haddour, Ronald Aronson, William L. McBride

Adrian van den Hoven is Professor of French Language & Literature at the University of Windsor (Ontario).

Andrew Leak is Senior Lecturer in French at University College London.

Subject: Cultural Studies (General) Sociology
Area: France


Adrian van den Hoven

Introduction: Sartre at One Hundred—a Man of the Nineteenth Century Addressing the Twenty-First? Thomas R. Flynn


Chapter 1. Sartre’s Ontology from Being and Nothingness to The Family Idiot
Joseph S. Catalano

Chapter 2. Freedom, Nothingness, Consciousness: Some Remarks on the Structure of Being and Nothingness
Reidar Due

Chapter 3. The Sartrean Account of the Look as a Theory of Dialogue
Steve Martinot

Chapter 4. The Bad Faith of Violence — and Is Sartre in Bad Faith Regarding It?
Ronald E. Santoni

Chapter 5. Sartre on Freedom and Education
David Detmer

Chapter 6. Sartre and Realism-All-the-Way-Down
John Duncan


Chapter 7. Consciousness and Digestion: Sartre and Neuroscience
Hazel E. Barnes

Chapter 8. Group Therapy as Revolutionary Praxis: A Sartrean View
Betty Cannon

Chapter 9. A Feminist-Sartrean Approach to Understanding Rape Trauma
Constance L. Mui

Chapter 10. To Hell and Back: Sartre on (and in) Analysis with Freud
Peter Caws


Chapter 11. Biography and the Question of Literature in Sartre
Ann Jefferson

Chapter 12. From Prague to Paris: The Beginning of Theater Semiotics and Sartre’s Early Esthetic of Theater
Dennis A. Gilbert

Chapter 13. Sartre’s Conception of Historiality and Temporality: The Quest for a Motive in Camus’ Novel The Stranger and Sartre’s Play Dirty Hands
Adrian van den Hoven

Chapter 14. Sartre and the Return of the Living Dead
Colin Davis

Chapter 15. Les Mots: Sartre and the Language of Belief
John Gillespie


Chapter 16. Sartre and Terror
Ian Birchall

Chapter 17. The Alter-Globalization Movement and Sartre’s Morality and History
Betsy Bowman and Bob Stone

Chapter 18. Sartre and Fanon: On Negritude and Political Participation
Azzedine Haddour

Chapter 19. Camus versus Sartre: The Unresolved Conflict
Ronald Aronson

Chapter 20. Sartre at the Twilight of Liberal Democracy as We Have Known It
William L. McBride

Notes on Contributors
Works Cited

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