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Latest Berghahn Blog Articles

AUTHOR INTERVIEW(part 1): Anna Odland Portisch on A MAGPIE’S TALE

ANNA ODLAND PORTISCH has taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Brunel University. In her new book A Magpie’s Tale: Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives on the Kazakh of Western Mongolia she recounts her time living with a Kazakh family in a small village. It’s fascinating (“Can you imagine a stranger showing up on […]

Remembering the Holocaust

In recognition of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we would like to present a list of new and recent Holocaust and Genocide Studies titles, as well as free access to related journal articles. “A meticulous and shattering investigation of eight horrific pictures…”—L’Arche ON THE DEATH OF JEWSPhotographs and HistoryNadine FrescoTranslated from the French by Sarah CliftWith […]


To mark this year’s Australia Day we present a selection of our latest titles on aspects of in Australia. Here are paperbacks, eBooks, and hardbacks on everything from health care for the elderly to film and song, the lives and struggles of the indigenous population, and how the nation has faced its colonial legacies. AN […]

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Theodoros Rakopoulos on From Clans to Co-ops.

To mark the the first publication in paperback of his acclaimed From Clans to Co-ops: Confiscated Mafia Land in Sicily, Theodoros Rakopoulos kindly agreed to discuss his work, the fieldwork behind it, and how co-ops came to assume a role in the rejection of the mafia. THEODOROS RAKOPOULOS is Associate Professor of Social Anthropology at the […]

For course adoption and reading lists: our latest paperbacks!

We’re publishing twelve paperbacks in just two months. See them all here. Unique studies at budget-friendly prices, these editions are great for adoptions and reading lists. If you want to evaluate their usefulness on a course you teach, please request a digital examination copy: just click through and look for the green ‘Request a review […]


By TOM BRATRUD Since Fire on the Island was one of our most popular and well-received titles in 2022, we are delighted that its author Tom Bratrud has kindly contributed this exclusive article describing his fieldwork, events on the island, and the aims of his book. Many anthropologists have experiences during fieldwork that challenge not […]

Books for International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day aims to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties of international migration. Berghahn Books is pleased to offer a selection of our Open Access titles on Refugee and Migration Studies. Berghahn Journals is also offering free access to related articles and special issues. See below for details. Read OPEN ACCESS ENDURING UNCERTAINTYDeportation, Punishment […]

Sexscapes of Pleasure: Women, Sexuality and the Whore Stigma in Italy

By ELENA ZAMBELLI ELENA ZAMBELLI is an ethnographer with interdisciplinary expertise on gender and sexuality, race, migration, and intersecting inequalities. She currently works at Lancaster University as Senior Research Associate. In this exclusive article Dr Zambelli discusses her new book, Sexscapes of Pleasure. WEAVING WOMEN’S EXPERIENCES TO NURTURE TRANSVERSAL SOLIDARITIES 25 November was the International Day […]

Overcoming Extreme Reflexivity Shock

In this exclusive article, Marta Rohatynskyj, author of ӦMIE SEX AFFILIATION: A PAPUAN NATURE, reveals the conundrum she faced when she first studied the Ӧmie of Papua New Guinea. My ethnographic encounter with the Ӧmie of Oro (Northern) Province of Papua New Guinea, many decades ago, placed me in a state of extreme reflexivity shock. […]


In connection with the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, celebrated November 16th, Berghahn is excited to feature an excerpt from The Best We Share: Nation, Culture and World-Making in the UNESCO World Heritage Arena by Christoph Brumann. The paperback edition is forthcoming April 2023! Take advantage of the 25% discount on eBook and […]

Affiliated Blogs

We invite you to explore these blogs affiliated with our press. Our affiliate blogs are managed by independent editors associated with the connected journal and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of Berghahn Books or its staff. Berghahn’s role is a technical one - the press is not responsible for each site's content or views.


Rising from the Ashes: Rural Communities in Portugal’s Fiery Landscapes

On June 17th, 2017, Ferraria de São João (hereafter Ferraria), a small-sized village in central Portugal remotely located at the top of a hill, was encircled by flames. The two available fire engines, one at each end of the village, were unable to refill with water at some point. There were no ... Continue reading →


FocaalBlog: Eric Wolf, Europe, Histories, Capitalism. Where are we now?

This panel was convened by Ida Susser at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting 2022 – Unsettling Landscapes. It builds on the workshop Vision and Method in Anthropology: Forty Years of Eric Wolf’s ‘Europe and the People Without ... Continue reading →



EDITED BOOK IN THE BERGHAHN BOOKS “Worlds of Memory” SERIES (DE)COMMEMORATION Making sense of the contemporary calls for tearing down statues and renaming places Editors Sarah Gensburger, French National Center […] ... Continue reading →


Anthropology and Autobiography 30 years on: An Interview with Judith Okely

Our latest issue of AJEC was dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of Anthropology and Autobiography, edited by Judith Okely and Helen Callaway (1992). Judith was kind enough not only to publish an article of her own in the special issue but to also be interviewed ... Continue reading →

Digital Archaeology

An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology – A Visual Introduction

Shawn Graham's Introduction to An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology (July 2020) Aptly using sonic and visual digital tools to introduce An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology, Shawn Graham invites us to take part in what he has dubbed a “practical digital ... Continue reading →

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