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German Language Day

German Language Day occurs every 12 September, commemorating the language of many of the world’s renowned artists and thinkers. To encourage the speaking of German across the globe, this commemorative day was created in 2001. It is observed every second Saturday in September. Celebrate the German language with us by browsing a selection of Berghahn […]

Texts for Teaching

Our textbooks and paperbacks are perfectly suited for teaching beyond the traditional classroom, in remote learning environments and with large class sizes. View our list of recent and featured titles suitable for courses below (available in eBook and paperback) and visit the title links for format options and freely available introductions. Subject KeyAnthropologyAnthropology of Religion […]

Birds of Passage: Hunting and conservation in Malta

Mark-Anthony Falzon My interest in, and love for, nature go back to my early childhood. There was something Victorian about the books I read on butterflies: they contained descriptions and beautiful illustrations of (British, usually) species, but they also taught you how to catch butterflies, kill them using potassium cyanide, and set them on mounting […]

August Simulated Shelves

We are delighted to share the following new releases in Anthropology, History, and Mobility Studies as well as titles new in paperback this month. Summer Sale! Easily access critical research material across disciplines with a discount of 30% off all Berghahn Books until 1 September 2020. Use discount code SUMMER20 at check out. Anthropology NEW […]

A Taste for Oppression

An interview with Ronan Hervouet following the 2020 Belarus Election 13 August 2020 How did you come to write A Taste for Oppression: A Political Ethnography of Everyday Life in Belarus? This book is my second one on Belarus. The first one, published in French in 2009 and entitled Datcha Blues : Existences ordinaires et dictature […]

The beginning of a Germany divided

13 August 2020 marks the fifty-ninth anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall. The Iron Curtain was assembled in the middle of Berlin in August 1961 and expanded over the following months to ultimately divide West Berlin from the surrounding East Germany, prohibiting East Germans to pass into West Germany for decades. Browse and […]

Celebrating the resilience of Indigenous Peoples

August 9, 2020 The United Nations’ International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed on August 9 each year to honor the estimated 370 million indigenous people around the world. The day was established to recognize the first meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations held in Geneva in 1982. This year’s […]

Blog: FocaalBlog

Nicole Weydmann, Kristina Großmann, Maribeth Erb, Novia Tirta Rahayu Tijaja: Healing in context: Traditional medicine has an important role to play in Indonesia’s fight against the coronavirus

The first two cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia were announced on 2 March 2020, quite late compared to other countries. The first patient was a 31-year-old woman who came into contact with a Japanese citizen – who later tested positive – at a dance event in South Jakarta. She then passed it on to ... Continue reading →

Blog: Recollectus


EDITED BOOK IN THE BERGHAHN BOOKS “Worlds of Memory” SERIES (DE)COMMEMORATION Making sense of the contemporary calls for tearing down statues and renaming places Editors Sarah Gensburger, French National Center […] ... Continue reading →

Blog: AJEC Blog

For David Graeber

David Graeber was a fiery mind and a fascinating man. He was one of the few intellectuals of our time to link activist practice with high-level analysis throughout his career. I had the pleasure of doing my PhD under his supervision the years he spent at Goldsmiths (2008-2013), before he headed ... Continue reading →

Berghahn eBooks Library

We are pleased to announce an expanding list of eBooks available for download directly via our site. Right now we have nearly 1000 titles online. You can use the new eBooks browse filter to view eBooks by subject - for example:

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All eBooks purchased through our site can be downloaded to your preferred eBook reader and are also stored in your personalized login area at for easy access.

  • Sofia Coppola
  • Culture, Rhetoric and the Vicissitudes of Life
  • War and Women across Continents
  • Distributed Objects
  • From Antiquities to Heritage

See the FAQ page for more details.

New in Paperback

The Global Age-Friendly Community Movement

The Global Age-Friendly Community Movement

A Critical Appraisal

Edited by Philip B. Stafford

“[this volume] provides an excellent critical appraisal of the challenges, successes, theoretical models and their practical applicability in the building of age-friendly communities. Importantly, this volume suggests that the Age-Friendly Movement must consider the needs of populations at large, or risks further segmentation and isolation of various age-groups…The authors invite us to move away from the individual and the local as the smallest unit of health, to take into account the complex social conditions affecting a globalized world.” • Anthropology & Aging

New in Paperback

Dreams of Germany

Dreams of Germany

Musical Imaginaries from the Concert Hall to the Dance Floor

Edited by Neil Gregor and Thomas Irvine

“[This volume] is a terrific contribution to scholarship examining the relationship between music and German national identity in the twentieth century…[It] offers a strong blueprint for those wishing to conduct research on music’s complicated role in German history. The authors convincingly demonstrate the topic’s elasticity, flexibility and breadth while also covering new ground. The book will also be an accessible and thoroughly enjoyable read for historians wishing to acquaint themselves with the field and assign new material in their courses.” • German History

New in Paperback

Living Under Austerity

Living Under Austerity

Greek Society in Crisis

Edited by Evdoxios Doxiadis and Aimee Placas

“Anyone wondering about the effects of austerity—in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, or Asia—should read [this book that] assembles scholars trained in anthropology, sociology, history, political science, criminology, and psychology to trouble accepted tropes about the meaning and effects of economic crisis through the case of post-2008 Greece. One of its most powerful contributions is its complication of the crisis framework. The other is its demonstration of the effects of that framework on people actually living in Greece.” • American Ethnologist

Featured Title

Communities and Place

Communities and Place

Religion, Development, and Environment in Cambodia

Courtney Work

Tides of Empire is a provocative book that advances long submerged connections among state development, layered religious practices, and ecological or place-making endeavors in Southeast Asia.” • Lorraine V. Aragon, University of North Carolina

Featured Title

Globalizing Automobilism

Globalizing Automobilism

Exuberance and the Emergence of Layered Mobility, 1900–1980

Gijs Mom

“Mom has access to an extraordinarily broad palette of source materials and methods. There is no other monograph in the field of such vast comparative scope.” • Peter Norton, University of Virginia

Featured Title



Identity, Class and the Economics of an Eastern German Subculture

Aimar Ventsel

“[This book] is really interesting, provides fascinating insights and presents questions for the scholarship and future study.” • Matthew Worley, University of Reading

Featured Series

An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology


Digiral Archaeology: Documenting the Anthropocene

Volume: 1

An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology

Raising the Dead with Agent-Based Models, Archaeogaming and Artificial Intelligence

Shawn Graham

“The aim and personable, essayistic, almost diary-style kind of writing is simultaneously avant-garde (for academic works) and fitting for our (post-)digital times and the digital field it covers. This combination is what makes it a very worthwhile and refreshing read.” • Angus Mol, Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities


Photo Gallery

Revealing the Invisible Mine: Social Complexities of an Undeveloped Mining Project

Revealing the Invisible Mine

Social Complexities of an Undeveloped Mining Project

Emilia E. Skrzypek

Exploring the social complexities of the Frieda River Project in Papua New Guinea, this book tells the story of local stakeholder strategies on the eve of industrial development, told largely from the perspective of the Paiyamo - one of the project’s so-called ‘impact communities’. Engaging ideas of knowledge, belief and personhood, it explains how fifty years of encounters with exploration companies shaped the Paiyamo’s aspirations, made them revisit and re-examine their past, and develop new strategies to move towards a better, more prosperous future.

... Continue reading

A subscribe-to-open (S2O) Open Access model piloted by Berghahn in partnership with Libraria and Knowledge Unlatched for 2020! The aim is to convert 13 Berghahn Anthropology journals to full Open Access on an on-going and sustainable basis. Read more

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Featured Journal

European Comic Art

European Comic Art is the first English-language scholarly publication devoted to the study of European-language graphic novels, comic strips, comic books and caricature. Published in association with the American Bande Dessinée Society and the International Bande Dessinée Society, European Comic Art builds on existing scholarship in French-language comic art and is able to draw on the scholarly activities undertaken by both organisations. However, our editorial board and consultative committee bring expertise on a wider European area of comic art production and the journal will emphasise coverage of work from across Europe, including Eastern Europe.

More Information...

Featured Journal

Journal of Legal Anthropology

The Journal of Legal Anthropology (JLA) is a peer-reviewed journal committed to anthropological understandings of socio-legal and cultural encounters. The journal develops ethnographic and theoretical approaches to a wide range of issues that reveal the significance and presence of legal phenomena in everyday life. Articles, review essays, and book reviews published in the JLA emphasize innovative work and data-led analysis across a range of socio-political and socio-cultural legal contexts. The journal also considers, in broad terms, how the legal may enter into social constructions of persons and how the 'legal' might change meaning in terms of particular 'everyday' interpretations. Together with the journal's forum section, the JLA draws on cross-disciplinary exchanges to demonstrate how anthropology can effectively contribute to the current debates on contemporary socio-legal and related issues. More Information...

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