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Refuge and protection in the late Ottoman Empire

Professor Dawn Chatty

The Les Back Diary

Part 1: Form and Content of the Diary

Les Back

The Les Back Diary

Part 3: Sociological Imagination

Les Back

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Cambridge Anthropology

Mary Douglas

Marilyn Strathern

Wendy James

Jonathan Benthall

Jean and John Comaroff

M.N. Srinivas

Keith Thomas

Peter Worsley

Michael Banton

Caroline Humphrey

Keith Hart

Emanuel Marx

Stephen Gudeman

Marshall Sahlins

Jack Goody

Jean La Fontaine

Chris Hann

Michael Herzfeld

John Barnes

Polly Hill

Edmund Leach

Stephan Feuchtwang

Audrey Richards

George Steiner


There are very few inside accounts of academic departments, their history and ethnography. The Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge constitutes an appropriate case study to fill this gap. Having emerged from the work of figures such as Maine, Robertson Smith, Rivers and Haddon through to more recent international scholars such as Fortes, Leach, Goody, Gellner and Strathern, it is one of the oldest and most distinguished departments in the social sciences. It has trained many of the leading anthropologists working today, and many of its students are established in important positions around the world. It has added enormously to our understanding of the wider world through research in all continents and regions.

We are happy to present interviews with some of the major former and current members of the department and would like to thank Alan Macfarlane to make them available. For a full list of the interviews and more information, click here.

Alan Macfarlane's Cambridge Anthropology: Preliminary Notes was published by Berghahn in April 2015.