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Hot Off the Presses: New Journal Releases from Berghahn

Anthropology in Action
Volume 19, Issue 3, Winter 2012
Special issue on Tourism and Applied Anthropology in Theory and Praxis, with articles on village tourism in Cyprus, hospitality in Laos, surf tourism in Costa Rica, and wine tourism in the Temecula Valley.

German Politics and Society
Volume 30, Issue 4, Winter 2012
With articles on “Freie Wähler” in the German political system, migrant interests in Germany, and fairy tale heroes and heroines in an East German Heimat; also featuring a forum on research performance in Germany, and several book reviews.

Girlhood Studies
Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2012
Celebrating the tenth issue and the First Annual Day of the Girl (October 11), with articles spanning girls’ aggression and use of violence, quality of life, use of the internet, and book reviews.

Volume 13, Issue 2, Winter 2012
Focusing on the places or trails where traumatic or miraculous events took place, and on the significance and meaning people put in the act of walking to and around these sites.

Learning and Teaching
Volume 5, Issue 1, Spring 2012
Special Issue on “Towards and Anthropology of Anthropology: the socialization of aspiring anthropologists”, with articles focusing on the education of anthropologists.

Volume 6, 2012
Celebrating 100 Years of International Women’s Day, with articles focusing on Russia, the Polish lands, and Greece; a review of the book Frauentag! (Women’s Day!); and a report on recent IWD-related events in Ukraine, including two exhibitions.