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Anthropologies of Education

An Expanded Global Guide

Associations and conferences

References in anthropology of education and ethnography of education

Programs and projects

Other international volumes surverying fields parallel to Anthropologies of Education

  • Hill, L. D., & Levine, F. J. (Eds.). (2015). World Education Research Yearbook 2015. New York: Routledge. [First annual yearbook published by the World Education Research Association.]
  • Manzon, M. (2011). Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field (Vol. 29). Hong Kong: Springer/University of Hong Kong. (Reviews comparative education from the perspectives of different national practices.)
  • Bühler–Niederberger, Doris, & Sirota, Régine. (2010). Marginality and Voice, Children in Sociology and Society. Current Sociology, 58(2). (Reviews of sociology of childhood in ten countries.)
  • Wolhuter, Charl, Popov, Nikolay, Manzon, Maria, & Leutwyler, Bruno (Eds.). (2007). Comparative Education at Universities World Wide (2nd ed.). Sofia, Bulgaria: Bureau for Educational Services. (Reviews of comparative education in 36 countries and regions, and including a few chapters in Spanish and English.)

Websites and portals

Selected scholarly journals

List of references to other books and articles about anthropologies around the world

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