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Essay on Time

A Brief Study of the Representation of Time in Religion and Magic

Henri Hubert

Edited by Robert Parkin
with an introduction by François-André Isambert

124 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-0-95299-361-2 $24.95/£17.00 Pb Published (1999)

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"... a remarkable study."  · Steven Lukes


Time, as we experience it, is a social and cultural phenomenon. The pioneering study of the social representation of time was by Henri Hubert (1872-1927). Hubert was a core member of the group who worked with Émile Durkheim and a close collaborator with Marcel Mauss. His essay on time is a good example of the group's originality and intellectually creative "collective ferment." This is its first English translation, and includes its review by Mauss.

Henri Hubert (1872-1927)

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Subject: Sociology Theory & Methodology in Anthropology
Area: France

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