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The Capitol Building (Under Construction)

By Michael Minkenberg  The Capitol Building is in the midst of a $60 million renovation project, the first time work has been done on the iconic dome in fifty years. The renovation will be completed by January 2017, for the next presidential inauguration, but it is safe to say the inner workings of the building […]

Visit the Berghahn Books Stand at Historikertag 2016

    We are pleased to inform you that we will be attending the 51st Historikertag in Hamburg, Germany from 20th-23rd September, 2016. Please stop by our stand, HOF15,  to browse our latest selection of titles at discounted prices and pick up some free journal samples. If you are unable to attend, we would like to provide […]

At the Threshold of Modernity: Vienna’s pivotal years in the 1870s

by Ulrich E. Bach From the digital perspective of today, visual media reproduced in 19th century publications often appear quaint if not antiquated. To be sure, daguerreotypes and photographs could already capture cityscapes, but due to technological limitations, these reproductions were too static and timeless in order to represent contemporary life in newspapers. The busy everyday […]

Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in August

    Journeys The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing Volume 17, Issue 1 This issue examines topics such as alienation and melancholia in George William Curtis’s Lotus-Eating, the role of subjectivity in Elizabeth Justice’s A Voyage to Russia and Amelia, and travel narratives of sexual captivity in rabbinic literature. The issue also includes […]

The Rowdy Boy & the Deviant Girl: Constructing Youth in Munich, 1942-1973

by Martin Kalb I did not anticipate that I would focus on images or constructs of youth in Munich. My research was originally tied to denazification in Nuremberg, later Bavaria more broadly. That interest took shape as I was working in the Stadtarchiv City Archive in Nuremberg for several months, and while I was helping […]

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In Thailand, infertility remains a source of stigma for those couples that combine a range of religious, traditional and high-tech interventions in their quest for a child. Thai In Vitro: Gender, Culture and Assisted Reproduction ... Continue reading on Tumblr

Film Pick: Wild Strawberries (1957)

... Continue reading on Tumblr

Blog: EnviroSociety

Celebrate the Centennial of the US National Parks Service with a Free Chapter

Today is the 100th birthday of the US National Parks Service! To celebrate, Berghahn Books has made the chapter “Unpacking Yellowstone: The American National Park in Global Perspective” from Civilizing Nature: National Parks in Global Historical Perspective freely available ... Continue reading →

Blog: FocaalBlog

Lesley Gill and Norbert Ross: What’s Class Got to Do with It?

Unsettled by Donald Trump’s bigotry and xenophobia, liberal pundits have struggled to understand his improbable anointment as the nominee of the Republican party. Many have sought answers in the experience and behavior of the white-working class, the bedrock of Trump support. Why, asks the ... Continue reading →

Blog: Museum Worlds

Museum News: August 2016

“Adam” and “Eve,” a pair of oil-on-panel paintings created by Lucas Cranach the Elder circa 1530. (Norton Simon Art Foundation)

Prince’s Paisley Park to Be Turned Into Museum, via ABC News 

Burke Museum welcomes new arrival: a ... Continue reading →

Featured Title

Deadly Contradictions

Deadly Contradictions

The New American Empire and Global Warring

Stephen P. Reyna

“This is an amazing book, a page-turner, a true game-changer, one of those grand oeuvres that an academic discipline produces once a decade at best.” · Patrick Neveling, Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University

Featured Title

Constitutional Courts in Comparison

Constitutional Courts in Comparison

The US Supreme Court and the German Federal Constitutional Court

Edited by Ralf Rogowski and Thomas Gawron

“…reveals numerous and fruitful points of contact between American and German constitutional law on the one hand, and the emerging case-law under the HRA on the other… provides vital background information concerning the underlying structures and institutions of both systems.” · European Public Law

Featured Title

'City of the Future'

'City of the Future'

Built Space, Modernity and Urban Change in Astana

Mateusz Laszczkowski

“‘City of the Future’ is the first of its kind. As a long-awaited comprehensive account of the rise of Astana… it is a remarkably thoughtful and thought-provoking book. Laszczkowski is a skilled ethnographer and he recounts his rich and insightful research in a style that captivates and challenges readers to think outside the box.” · Natalie Koch, University of Syracuse

New in Paperback

Tourism Imaginaries

Tourism Imaginaries

Anthropological Approaches

Edited by Noel B. Salazar and Nelson H. H. Graburn

“This book establishes ‘imaginaries’ as part of the conceptual apparatus of the anthropology of tourism [and] contributes to social anthropology more generally by exploring how tourism imaginaries intersect with broader cultural and ideological structures… The wealth of its ethnography, combined with its innovative conceptual approaches, exemplifies the strengths anthropology is bringing to interdisciplinary tourism studies.” · Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

New in Paperback

Weimar Radicals

Weimar Radicals

Nazis and Communists between Authenticity and Performance

Timothy S. Brown

Brown’s  [innovative study] makes a vital contribution to an understanding of the Weimar Republic as a set of competing political stages, where radicalism was not the direct result of social or economic circumstances, but part and parcel of a deliberate dramatization of political speech. · German History

New in Paperback

Violent Becomings

Violent Becomings

State Formation, Sociality, and Power in Mozambique

Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

“This is a valuable contribution to the literatures on African political history at both the macro and micro scales… It represents what many Africanist anthropologists today hope to achieve – a monograph that is both ethnographically rich and theoretically engaged.” · Danny Hoffman, University of Washington

Featured Series

The Devil's Wheels


Explorations in Mobility

Volume: 2

The Devil's Wheels

Men and Motorcycling in the Weimar Republic

Sasha Disko

“Disko offers a new and exciting interpretation that challenges our understandings of gendered consumption, modernity, and the role that motorcycles played in defining and defending masculinity, femininity, and the nation during the interwar years.” · Jennifer Lynn, Montana State University


Civilizations Beyond Earth: Extraterrestrial Life and Society


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Featured Journal

Conflict and Society

Advances in Research

Publishing peer-reviewed articles by international scholars, Conflict and Society expands the field of conflict studies by using ethnographic inquiry to establish new fields of research and interdisciplinary collaboration. An opening special section presents general articles devoted to a topic or region followed by a section featuring conceptual debates on key problems in the study of organized violence. Review articles and topical overviews offer navigational assistance across the vast and varied terrain of conflict research, and comprehensive reviews of new books round out each volume. With special attention paid to ongoing debates on the politics and ethics of conflict studies research, including military-academic cooperation, Conflict and Society will be an essential forum for scholars, researchers, and policy makers in the fields of anthropology, sociology, political science, and development studies. More Information...

Featured Journal

Museum Worlds

Advances in Research

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research is a multidisciplinary, refereed, annual journal that publishes work that significantly advances knowledge of global trends, case studies, and theory relevant to museum practice and scholarship around the world.

Responding to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in its field, Museum Worlds: Advances in Research contributes to the ongoing formation of Museum Studies as an academic and practical area of research that is rapidly expanding and alive with potential, opportunity, and challenge that parallels the rapid growth of museums in just about every part of the world. More Information...

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