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Volume 3

European Conceptual History

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European Regions and Boundaries

A Conceptual History

Edited by Diana Mishkova and Balázs Trencsényi

410 pages, 8 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-584-6 $150.00/£107.00 Hb Published (July 2017)

eISBN 978-1-78533-585-3 eBook

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“With a roster of authoritative scholars, the chapters of this book chart the construction and use of the key concepts of European space. By focusing on conceptual ‘clusters’, an extraordinary number of subjects are covered, and the complex processes at work are further highlighted by the frequent cross-referencing between chapters and topics, making this compelling book much more than the sum of its individual studies.” · Wendy Bracewell, University College London


It is difficult to speak about Europe today without reference to its constitutive regions—supra-national geographical designations such as “Scandinavia,” “Eastern Europe,” and “the Balkans.” Such formulations are so ubiquitous that they are frequently treated as empirical realities rather than a series of shifting, overlapping, and historically constructed concepts. This volume is the first to provide a synthetic account of these concepts and the historical and intellectual contexts in which they emerged. Bringing together prominent international scholars from across multiple disciplines, it systematically and comprehensively explores how such “meso-regions” have been conceptualized throughout modern European history.

Diana Mishkova has been the Director, since 2000, of the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia. She has published extensively on comparative Balkan history, intellectual history, and historiography. She is the author of Domestication of Freedom: Modernity-Legitimacy in Serbia and Romania in the Nineteenth Century (2001) and the editor of six scholarly collections.

Balázs Trencsényi is Professor in the History Department of Central European University, Budapest. His main field of interest is the history of political thought in East Central Europe. He is the author of The Politics of ‘National Character’: A Study in Interwar East European Thought (2012), and co-author of A History of Modern Political Thought in East Central Europe. Vol. I: Negotiating Modernity in the 'Long Nineteenth Century' (2016).

Subject: General History General Geography
Area: Europe


List of Tables and Figures

Diana Mishkova and Balázs Trencsényi


Chapter 1. Western Europe
Stefan Berger

Chapter 2. Scandinavia / Norden
Bo Stråth and Marja Jalava

Chapter 3. The Baltic
Pärtel Piirimäe

Chapter 4. The Mediterranean
Vaso Seirinidou

Chapter 5. Southern Europe
Guido Franzinetti

Chapter 6. Iberia
Xosé-M.Núñez Seixas

Chapter 7. Balkans / Southeastern Europe
Diana Mishkova

Chapter 8. Central Europe
Balázs Trencsényi

Chapter 9. Eastern Europe
Frithjof Benjamin Schenk

Chapter 10. Eurasia
Mark Bassin


Chapter 11. European History
Stefan Troebst

Chapter 12. Political Geography and Geopolitics
Virginie Mamadouh and Martin Müller

Chapter 13. Economics
Georgi Ganev

Chapter 14. Historical Demography
Attila Melegh

Chapter 15. Linguistics
Uwe Hinrichs

Chapter 16. Literary History
Alex Drace-Francis

Chapter 17. Art History
Eric Storm


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