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Subjects, Citizens, and Others: Administering Ethnic Heterogeneity in the British and Habsburg Empires, 1867-1918

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Volume 7

Studies in British and Imperial History

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Subjects, Citizens, and Others

Administering Ethnic Heterogeneity in the British and Habsburg Empires, 1867-1918

Benno Gammerl
Translated from the German by Jennifer Walcoff Neuheiser

312 pages, 25 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-709-3 $130.00/£92.00 Hb Published (November 2017)

eISBN 978-1-78533-710-9 eBook

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“Very original in its approach and its structure… A stimulating study!” · Bohemia: A Journal of History and Civilisation in East Central Europe


Bosnian Muslims, East African Masai, Czech-speaking Austrians, North American indigenous peoples, and Jewish immigrants from across Europe—the nineteenth-century British and Habsburg Empires were characterized by incredible cultural and racial-ethnic diversity. Notwithstanding their many differences, both empires faced similar administrative questions as a result: Who was excluded or admitted? What advantages were granted to which groups? And how could diversity be reconciled with demands for national autonomy and democratic participation? In this pioneering study, Benno Gammerl compares Habsburg and British approaches to governing their diverse populations, analyzing imperial formations to reveal the legal and political conditions that fostered heterogeneity.

Benno Gammerl is a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development’s Center for the History of Emotions. He has published widely on imperial history, on the historicity of feelings, and on the contemporary history of homosexuality in Germany.

Subject: 18th/19th Century History Colonialism 20th Century History
Area: Northern Europe Central/Eastern Europe


List of Illustrations
List of Maps, Tables and Figures
List of Abbreviations


Chapter 1. Nation-States Emerging on the Semi-Periphery
Chapter 2. Statist Approaches
Chapter 3. Imperialist Discrimination in Colonial Contexts
Chapter 4. The United Kingdom between Nation, State and Empire
Chapter 5. Empires and Ethnic Heterogeneity


Index of Names and Places
Index of Subjects

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