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Vermont Studies on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

General Editor:
Alan E. Steinweis, Miller Distinguished Professor of Holocaust Studies and Director of the Carolyn and Leonard Miller Center for Holocaust Studies

Editorial Committee:
Jonathan D. Huener, University of Vermont
Francis R. Nicosia, University of Vermont
Susanna Schrafstetter, University of Vermont

The University of Vermont has been an important venue for research on the Holocaust since Raul Hilberg began his work there in 1956. These volumes reflect the scholarly activity of UVM's Center for Holocaust Studies. They combine original research with interpretive synthesis, and address research questions of interdisciplinary and international interest.

Volume 6

The Germans and the Holocaust

Popular Responses to the Persecution and Murder of the Jews

Edited by Susanna Schrafstetter and Alan E. Steinweis

Volume 5

The Law in Nazi Germany

Ideology, Opportunism, and the Perversion of Justice

Edited by Alan E. Steinweis and Robert D. Rachlin

Volume 4

Jewish Life in Nazi Germany

Dilemmas and Responses

Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and David Scrase

Volume 3

The Arts in Nazi Germany

Continuity, Conformity, Change

Edited by Jonathan Huener and Francis R. Nicosia

Volume 2

Business and Industry in Nazi Germany

Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and Jonathan Huener

Volume 1

Medicine and Medical Ethics in Nazi Germany

Origins, Practices, Legacies

Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and Jonathan Huener