Nature and Culture

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Editors: Sing C. Chew, Humboldt State University, USA, and Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ and
Matthias Gross, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ and University of Jena, Germany

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Nature and Culture is a forum for the international community of scholars and practitioners to present, discuss, and evaluate critical issues and themes related to the historical and contemporary relationships that societies, civilizations, empires, regions, nation-states have with Nature. The journal contains a serious interpolation of theory, methodology, criticism, and concrete observation forming the basis of this discussion.

The mission of the journal is to move beyond specialized disciplinary enclaves and mind-sets toward broader syntheses that encompass time, space and structures in understanding the Nature-Culture relationship. The Journal furthermore provides an outlet for the identification of knowledge gaps in our understanding of this relationship.

Nature and Culture receives financial support for its editorial operations from the Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig. (English version)

The Editors and Editorial Board will consider new topics and authors should not be restricted by those listed below. Current themes are as follows:

  • Cultural Reactions and Conceptions of Nature
  • Degradation and Restoration of Environment
  • Ecological Time and Futures
  • Political and Socioeconomic Arrangements of Landscapes 

For a more detailed explanation of these topics, please see Nature and Culture's Themes.

Subjects: Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Environmental Studies

Current Issue

Volume 9, Issue 3, Winter 2014


Modernity and Medieval Muck
Dolly Jørgensen

Nature Protection Organizations and Climate Change in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States
William T. Markham and Kris van Koppen

Tragedy or Chivalrous Romance? The Swedish Government and the Baltic Sea Pipeline
Anna-Lisa Sayuli Fransson

Restoration Goals at a Former Military Site: The Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado (USA)
David Havlick, Marion Hourdequin, and Matthew John

Can Indicators Bridge the Gap between Science and Policy? An Exploration into the (Non) use and (Non) Influence of Indicators in EU and UK Policymaking
Léa Sébastien, Tom Bauler, and Markku Lehtonen

Forthcoming Issues

Volume 10, Issue 1, Spring 2015

Guest editors: Liu Hong and Els van Dongen


Introduction: Sustainability and Asia
Els van Dongen and Liu Hong

Territorial Prospective Visions for Japan’s High Growth: The Role of Local Urban Development
Andrea Flores Urushima

Controlling Nature, Disciplining Human Nature: Floods in Singapore and Metro Manila, 1945–1980s
Kah Seng Loh and Michael D. Pante

When “Nature” Strikes: A Sociology of Climate Change and Disaster Vulnerabilities in Asia
Md Saidul Islam and Si Hui Lim

Sustainability in Asian Countries: Perspectives from Economics
Youngho Chang, Jiesheng Tan, and Letian Chen

Legal Pluralism, Forest Conservation, and Indigenous Capitalists: The Case of the Kalanguyain Tinoc, the Philippines
Adrian Albano, Els van Dongen, and Shinya Takeda



Volume 10, Issue 2, Summer 2015


Social Sustainability Requires Social Sustainability: Procedural Prerequisites for Reaching Substantive Goals
Magnus Boström, Åsa Casula Vifell, Mikael Klintman, Linda Soneryd, Kristina Tamm Hallström, and Renita Thedvall

The Shifting Topology of Environmentalism: Human-Environment Relationships and Conceptual Trends in Two North American Organizational Histories
Anna Willow

Rare Exports: Irony about Northern Nature and Commercialized Culture
Jari Lyytimäki

The Nature of Nationalism: ‘Populist Radical Right Parties’ on Countryside and Climate
Bernhard Forchtner and Christoffer Kolvraa

Perceptions of Water Quality in First Nations Communities: Exploring the Role of Context
Julia Baird, Ryan Plummer, Diane Dupont, and Blair Carter


Book Review Essays

Telling Stories of Ourselves in Places
Christian Diehm

Nature, Science and Politics in the Anthropocene
Tracey Heatherington