Anthropology in Action

Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice

Aims & Scope

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Editor: Christine McCourt, City University London

Published in association with the Association of Social Anthropologists’ (ASA) Apply Network

Anthropology in Action is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles, commentaries, research reports, and book reviews in applied anthropology. Contributions reflect the use of anthropological training in policy- or practice-oriented work and foster the broader application of these approaches to practical problems. The journal provides a forum for debate and analysis for anthropologists working both inside and outside academia and aims to promote communication amongst practitioners, academics and students of anthropology in order to advance the cross-fertilisation of expertise and ideas.

Recent themes and articles have included the anthropology of welfare, transferring anthropological skills to applied health research, design considerations in old-age living, museum-based anthropology education, cultural identities and British citizenship, feminism and anthropology, and international student and youth mobility.

Subjects: Applied Anthropology

Current Issue

Volume 21 • Issue 2 • Summer 2014


Christine McCourt

‘Love Goes through the Stomach’: A Japanese-Korean Recipe for Post-conflict Reconciliation
Stephanie Hobbis Ketterer

Shaped by Shock: Staff on the Emergency Department ‘Shop Floor’
Mark Powell, Stephanie Glendinning, Vanesa Castán Broto, Emma Dewberry, Claire Walsh

Qualitative Research Synthesis: How the Whole Can Be Greater than the Sum of Its Parts
Hanne Riese, Benedicte Carlsen, Claire Glenton

Defining Evidence: Involvement and Participatory Approaches in Applied Health Research
Rachael Gooberman-Hill

Anthropological Engagement at a Global Women’s Health Conference: A Report on Women Deliver Conference, Kuala Lumpur 2013
Margaret MacDonald, Debra Pascali Bonaro, Robbie Davis-Floyd

‘Facing Outwards: Anthropology Beyond Academia’: Apply at the ASA Decennial Conference, Edinburgh, June 2014
Rachael Gooberman-Hill


Feminism and Development: Building the Discipline or Politicising It? A Review Essay
David Lempert


Organisational Anthropology: Doing Ethnography in and among Complex Organisations by Christina Garsten and Anette Nyqvist
Reviewed by Kelly McKowen

Commemorating Hell: The Public Memory of Mittelbau-Dora by Gretchen Schafft and Gerhard Zeidler
Reviewed by Jonathan Skinner