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Mixed Harvest: Scenes from the Human Past

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Mixed Harvest

Scenes from the Human Past

Rob Swigart

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224 pages, bibliog., index

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Mixed Harvest is an unexpected take on human origins and early human societies, blending deftly written short stories with brief nonfiction segments… Readers will leave with a strong emotional grounding in the anthropological and archaeological record, and a large number of informational and thematic touchpoints for understanding this history.” • Joey Eschrich, Arizona State University


After millennia of wandering the earth with little impact, a universal, if inadvertent transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture and pastoralism was complete within a period of a few thousand years. Mixed Harvest tells the story of the Sedentary Divide, the most significant event since modern humans emerged. Before the Sedentary Divide, humans followed their food; by the time it was over, they had domesticated, and irrevocably changed plants and animals by staying in one place and keeping them close. Agriculture was so successful that religious and social belief systems evolved to enforce social inequality, exploitation of resources, constrained gender relations, and increasingly devastating conflict.

Rob Swigart, PhD (Comparative Literature) taught for 35 years at a university, published eleven novels and poetry in The Atlantic, Poetry, and other journals, and co-authored a business book while working as a research affiliate with the Institute for the Future.

Subject: Archaeology General History General Cultural Studies



I Shelter:
    Prelude: The Pit of Bones
    The Horse Hunters
    In Darkness
    Boy and Leaf
    The Snail Creek Shaman
    Raising Stone
    Waters Bitter and Sweet

II House:
    Frozen Tears
    The Journey
    Mud People
    The Beast Without
    The Beast Within
    Of Pots and Plans

III Home:
    An Introduction to Origins
    The Need for Walls
    The House of Heaven
    New Year
    Empire's Poet

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