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Echoes of Narcissus

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Volume 2

Polygons: Cultural Diversities and Intersections

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Echoes of Narcissus

Edited by Lieve Spaas† in association with Trista Selous

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256 pages, 7 ills, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-57181-761-7 25% OFF! $120.00/£85.00 $90.00/£63.75 Hb Published (January 2001)

ISBN  978-1-57181-416-6 25% OFF! $34.95/£24.00 $26.21/£18.00 Pb Published (January 2001)

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In Greek mythology the beautiful Narcissus glimpsed his own reflection in the waters of a spring and fell in love. But his was an impossible passion and, filled with despair, he pined away. Over the years the myth has inspired painters, writers, and film directors, as well as philosophers and psychoanalysts. The tragic story of Narcissus, in love with himself, and of Echo, the nymph in love with him, lies at the heart of this collection of essays exploring the origins of the myth and some of its many cultural manifestations and meanings relating to the self and the self's relationship to the other. Through their discussion of the myth and its ramifications, the contributors to this volume broaden our understanding of one of the fundamental myths of Western culture.

Lieve Spaas† was Research Professor of Arts and Culture, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University and worked in social anthropology, French literature, and francophone film.

Trista Selous is Associate Research Fellow at Roehampton Institute, London.

Subject: General Cultural Studies


Part I: Origin and Development of the Narcissus Myth
Part II: Mirrors and Self Reflection
Part III: Narcissus Written and Re-Written
Part IV: Identity and Otherness
Part V: Images of Narcissism
Part VI: The Fate of Narcissus

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