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Household Archaeology on the Northwest Coast

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Volume 16

International Monographs in Prehistory: Archaeological Series

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Household Archaeology on the Northwest Coast

Edited by Elizabeth A. Sobel, D. Ann Trieu Gahr, and Kenneth A. Ames

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285 pages, illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-87962-139-8 25% OFF! $180.00/£128.00 $135.00/£96.00 Hb Published (July 2006)

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eISBN 978-1-78920-178-9 eBook

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“This volume represents an unprecedented collection of NWC household data presented in well-written and informative papers. The authors persuasively demonstrate the utility of the household as an analytical unit for interpreting past social dynamics in the region… it is an indispensable volume for anyone interested in NWC households and the intriguing research directed at understanding these complex and ancient social institutions.” • Chris Springer, The Midden

“If you are interested in household archaeology, this is an important volume to have on your bookshelf.” • R.G. Matson, Canadian Journal of Archaeology


Since the late 1970s, household archaeology has become a key theoretical and methodological framework for research on the development of permanent social inequality and complexity, as well as for understanding the social, political and economic organization of chiefdoms and states. This volume is the cumulative result of more than a decade of research focusing on household archaeology as a means to gain understanding of the evolution of social complexity, regardless of underlying economy.

Elizabeth A. Sobel is a Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Missouri State University.

D. Ann Trieu Gahr is an author/researcher in archaeology.

Kenneth A. Ames is a Professor in the Anthropology Department at Portland State University.

Subject: Archaeology General Anthropology
Area: North America


List of Contributors

Chapter 1. Introduction
D. Ann Trieu Gahr, Elizabeth A. Sobel, Kenneth M. Ames

Chapter 2. Thinking about Household Archaeology on the Northwest Coast
Kenneth M. Ames

Chapter 3. Houses and Domestication on the Northwest Coast
Yvonne Marshall

Chapter 4. Architects to Ancestors: The Life Cycle of Plankhouses
D. Ann Trieu Gahr

Chapter 5. A Chief’s House Speaks: Communicating Power on the Northern Northwest Coast
Gary Coupland

Chapter 6. Temporality in Northwest Coast Households
Colin Grier

Chapter 7. Of a more Temporary Cast: Household Production at the Broken Tops Site
David V. Ellis

Chapter 8. The Tsimshian Household through the Contact Period
Andrew Martindale

Chapter 9. Household Prestige and Exchange in Northwest Coast Societies: A Case Study from the Lower Columbia River Valley
Elizabeth A. Sobel

Chapter 10. Households at Ozette
Stephan R. Samuels

Chapter 11. Formation Processes of a Lower Columbia River Plankhouse Site
Cameron McPherson Smith

Chapter 12. Households and Production on the Pacific Coast: The Northwest Coast and California in Comparative Perspective
Jeanne E. Arnold

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