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The Brazilian Truth Commission: Local, National and Global Perspectives

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Volume 4

Studies in Latin American and Spanish History

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The Brazilian Truth Commission

Local, National and Global Perspectives

Edited by Nina Schneider

382 pages, 9 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-003-4 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (May 2019)

eISBN 978-1-78920-004-1 eBook

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“This is a very timely and relevant volume that gives an extraordinarily broad overview of the Brazilian Truth Commission and its broader political and social context. Particularly exciting are the rich insights the volume yields into the complex and ambiguous interactions between the National Truth Commission in Brazil and the many local truth commissions that were created parallel to it.” • Berber Bevernage, Ghent University


Bringing together some of the world’s leading scholars, practitioners, and human-rights activists, this groundbreaking volume provides the first systematic analysis of the 2012–2014 Brazilian National Truth Commission. While attentive to the inquiry’s local and national dimensions, it offers an illuminating transnational perspective that considers the Commission’s Latin American regional context and relates it to global efforts for human rights accountability, contributing to a more general and critical reassessment of truth commissions from a variety of viewpoints.

Nina Schneider is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Cooperation Research/KHK-GCR21 at the University of Duisburg-Essen. She is the author of Brazilian Propaganda: Legitimizing an Authoritarian Regime (2014) and co-editor of Legacies of State Violence and Transitional Justice in Latin America: A Janus-Faced Paradigm? (2015).

Subject: Peace & Conflict Studies
Area: Latin America


List of Illustrations

Introduction: The Brazilian Truth Commission in Local, National and Global Perspective
Nina Schneider


Section 1: Emergence and Context

Chapter 1. Dear Madame President: A Never-delivered Speech and a Never-ending Story
Vera Paiva

Chapter 2. The Public Prosecutors’ Office of Sao Paulo and the Legacy of the Dictatorship: A Brief Report on Activities Prior to the Truth Commission
Eugenia Gonzaga

Chapter 3. The Censorship of History and Fact-Finding in Brazil (1945−2015)
Antoon De Baets

Chapter 4. Democratic Transition and Conciliation: Human Rights and the Legacy of the Dictatorship in Brazil
Janaina de Almeida Teles

Section 2: Novelties of the Brazilian Model: Local Committees and Corporate Complicity

Chapter 5. The National Truth Commission (NTC): Truth and Responsibility
Carolina de Campos Melo and Andre Saboia Martins

Chapter 6. Repression, Resistance and the intergenerational Dialogue: Establishing a Truth Commission at the University of Brasília
Jose Otavio Nogueira Guimarães and Cristiano Paixao Paixão

Chapter 7. Truth Commissions in the Digital Age: An Analysis of the Brazilian Case
Ana Migowski

Chapter 8. Corporate Complicity in the Brazilian Dictatorship
Leigh A. Payne

Chapter 9. Volkswagen do Brasil During the Military Dictatorship: An Economic and Political Assessment
Christopher Kopper

Section 3: First Assessments of Brazil’s National Truth Commission

Chapter 10. The Outcomes of the Brazilian Truth Commission: Successes and Failures in a Lengthy Transitional Justice Process
Marlon Weichert

Chapter 11. The Struggle for the Voice of the Victims in the National Truth Commission (Brazil): Memories and Truth yesterday and today
San Romanelli Assumpção

Chapter 12. ‘Nunca Mais’: Lessons from Brazil’s Dictatorial Past
Gisele Iecker de Almeida


Section 4: Comparing Specific Truth Commissions

Chapter 13. Truth Commissions and their Archives in El Salvador, Peru, and Brazil
Ann Schneider

Chapter 14. Memory, Truth, and Auto-Fiction in the Recent Latin American Novel
Jobst Welge


Section 5. Truth Commissions’ Worldwide Dispersion and Function

Chapter 15. Reconfigurations of Transitional Justice in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings Global, Regional and Local Developments
Fatima Kastner

Chapter 16. Truth Commissions: A Bottom Up Approach to Institution Building
Anja Mihr

Nina Schneider

Appendix I: List of Selected Local Truth Commissions in Brazil by Region and State
Appendix II: Selected List of Brazilian Online Resources (Alphabetical Order)
Appendix III: Photos from The Brazilian Truth Commission


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