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Launching the Grand Coalition: The 2005 Bundestag Election and the Future of German Politics

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Launching the Grand Coalition

The 2005 Bundestag Election and the Future of German Politics

Edited by Eric Langenbacher

212 pages, index, bibliog.

ISBN  978-1-84545-283-4 $29.95/£23.95 Pb Published (January 2007)

eISBN 978-0-85745-773-8 eBook

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This edited volume, which brings together the leading experts in German politics from around the US and Germany, combines rich descriptive data with insightful analyses regarding one of the most dramatic and important election years in postwar Germany. A variety of more specialized issues and perspectives is addressed, including the transatlantic relationship, EU policy, voting behavior and far Right parties. This book will be essential reading for students of German, European and comparative politics.

Eric Langenbacher is a Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of Special Programs in the Department of Government, Georgetown University, where he teaches courses on comparative politics and political culture.

Subject: History: 20th Century to Present
Area: Germany


Introduction: The Drama of 2005 and the Future of German Politiics
Eric Langenbacher

Chapter 1. The Tipping Point: The 2005 Election and the Deconsolidation of the German Party System?
David Conradt

Chapter 2. The Extraordinary Bundestag Election of 2005: The Interplay of Long-term Trends and Short-term Factors
Hermann Schmitt and Andreas M. Wüst

Chapter 3. The Grand Coalition: Precedents and Prospects
Ludger Helms

Chapter 4. From High Hopes to On-going Defeat: The New Extreme Right's Political Mobilization and its National Electoral Failure in Germany
Lars Rensmann

Chapter 5. Angela Merkel: What Does it Mean to Run as a Woman?
Myra Marx-Ferree

Chapter 6. Merkel's EU Policy: "Kohl's Mädchen" or Interest-driven Politics?
Dorothee Heisenberg

Chapter 7. The Change in Government and Transatlantic Relations
Jackson Janes

Chapter 8. Honecker's Revenge: The Enduring Legacy of German Unification in the 2005 Election
Jeffrey Kopstein and Daniel Ziblatt

Chapter 9. From the Outside In: Angela Merkel and the CDU
Clay Clements

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