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Entangled Entertainers: Jews and Popular Culture in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna

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Volume 24

Austrian and Habsburg Studies

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Entangled Entertainers

Jews and Popular Culture in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna

Klaus Hödl
Translated from the German by Corey Twitchell

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB Made available under a CC BY 4.0 license with support from Knowledge Unlatched

194 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78920-030-0 $135.00/£99.00 / Hb / Published (September 2019)

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“This is an excellent book, based on fascinating primary sources, and set within a sophisticated scholarly and theoretical frame. Klaus Hödl has for many years been one of the most dedicated and interesting scholars in the field of Austrian Jewish studies, and this book shows the fruits of his efforts.” • Steven Beller, author of The Habsburg Monarchy 1815–1918


Viennese popular culture at the turn of the twentieth century was the product of the city’s Jewish and non-Jewish residents alike. While these two communities interacted in a variety of ways to their mutual benefit, Jewish culture was also inevitably shaped by the city’s persistent bouts of antisemitism. This fascinating study explores how Jewish artists, performers, and impresarios reacted to prejudice, showing how they articulated identity through performative engagement rather than anchoring it in origin and descent. In this way, they attempted to transcend a racialized identity even as they indelibly inscribed their Jewish existence into the cultural history of the era.

Klaus Hödl is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Graz, Austria. His publications include Kultur und Gedächtnis (2012) and Wiener Juden – jüdische Wiener: Identität, Gedächtnis und Performanz im 19. Jahrhundert (2006).

Subject: Jewish Studies History: 20th Century to Present Cultural Studies (General)
Area: Central/Eastern Europe

Entangled Entertainers by Klaus Hödl is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License (CC BY 4.0) with support from Knowledge Unlatched

Full Text PDF | Full Text ePUB

OA ISBN: 978-1-78920-031-7


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