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Persecution and Resistance of Jehovah's Witnesses During the Nazi-Regime

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Persecution and Resistance of Jehovah's Witnesses During the Nazi-Regime

Edited by Hans Hesse

408 pages, 27 color pictures, 81 halftones and documents, chronology, bibliog.

ISBN  978-3-86108-750-2 $24.95/£19.95 Hb Published (November 2002)

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"We must be grateful for this book, deeply grateful. In essay after essay we read of the fate of Jehovah's Witnesses in Nazi concentration camps. Some of the essays tell large stories. The other essays tell small stories of a few individuals - stories that illuminate the whole. Part of this work addresses the situation of the Witnesses in Germany ...
Jews were victimized not because of what they did, nor because of what they were. They were targeted for destruction because of what their grandparents were ...
Alone of all the groups targeted by the Nazis, the Jehovah's Witnesses were victimized because of what they refused to do. They would not enlist in the army, undertake air raid drills, stop meeting or proselytizing. They would not utter the words 'Heil Hitler.' Their dissent was irksome, disciplined and systematic ...
Jews had no choice. Jehovah's Witnesses did. As such, they are martyrs in the traditional sense of the term - those prepared to suffer and even to die for the choice of their faith."

(From the Preface by Michael Berenbaum, Ida E. King Distinguished Visiting Scholar of the Holocaust, Richard Stockton College)


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Subject: Genocide Studies Religion
Area: Germany


Preface Michael Berenbaum

Foreword Hans Hesse


Chapter 1. Categories of Concentration Camp Prisoners Henry Friedlander Chapter 2. Solidarity and the Will to Survive: Religious and Social Behavior of Jehova's Witnesses in Concentration Camps Christoph Daxelmüller Chapter 3. Female Jehova's Witnesses in Morningen Women's Concentration Camp: Women's Resistance in Nazi Germany Jürgen Harder and Hans Hesse Chapter 4. Jehova's Witnesses in Wewelsburg Concentration Camp Kirsten John-Stucke Chapter 5. Jehova's Witnesses in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Antje Zeiger Chapter 6. "The Little One … He Had to Suffer a Lot": Jehova's Witnesses in the Morningen Concentration Camp for Juveniles Martin Guse Chapter 7. Jehova's Witnesses in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Thomas Rahe Chapter 8. The Buchenwald Series: Watercolors by Jehova's Witness Johannes Steyer Johannes Wrobel Chapter 9. Jehova's Witnesses as Forgotten Victims Sybil Milton Chapter 10. Jehova's Witnesses: A Documentation; Rescued from Oblivion: The Case of Hans Gärtner Sybil Milton Chapter 11. Resistance and Persecution of Female Jehova's Witnesses Angela Nerlich and Wolfram Slupina Chapter 12. The Religious Association of Jehova's Witnesses in Baden and Württemberg, 1933-1945 Hubert Roser Chapter 13. Jehova's Witnesses in the German Democratic Republic Hans-Hermann Dirksen Chapter 14. The Persecution of Jehova's Witnesses in Weimar, 1945-1990 Göran Westphal Chapter 15. Social Disinterest, Governmental Disinformation, Renewed Persecution, and Now Manipulation of History? Detlef Garbe Chapter 16. Persecuted and Almost Forgotten Wolfram Slupina


Chapter 17. History, Past adn Present: Jehova's Witnesses in Germany Walter Köbe Chapter 18. The Video Documentary "Jehova's Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault": Propaganda or Historical Document? Johannes Wrobel Chapter 19. History, Past and Present: Jehova's Witnesses in Germany. An Analysis of the Documentary "Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault" from the Perspective of Religious Studies Gabriele Yonan Chapter 20. Critical Reflection on the Video Documentary "Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault": Propaganda or Historical Documentation? Dietrich Hellmund Chapter 21. Between Historical Documentation and Public Promotion of One's Image. Comments About the Watch Tower Society Film: "Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault" Lutz Lemhöfer Chapter 22. "Jehova's Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault" — Touring Exhibitions and Video Presentations, 1996-2000 Wolfram Slupina Chapter 23. From Marginalization to Martyrdom Jolene Chu Chapter 24. Teaching Tolerance: A Case Study James N. Pellechia Chapter 25. Chronology: Development and Persecution of Jehova's Witnesses Hans-Hermann Dirksen, Jürgen Harder, Hans Hesse and Johannes Wrobel

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