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The Women's Camp in Moringen: A Memoir of Imprisonment in Germany 1936-1937

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The Women's Camp in Moringen

A Memoir of Imprisonment in Germany 1936-1937

Gabriele Herz
Translated by Hildegard Herz and Howard Hartig
Edited and with an Introduction by Jane Caplan

200 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-84545-077-9 $135.00/£99.00 / Hb / Published (January 2006)

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“These memoirs by Gabriele Herz have great significance in that they describe the experiences of a Jewish woman as well as that of non-Jewish prisoners, as seen by her, during the early years of national-socialist internment policy. In this sense it is a rare document of the literature of memories.”  ·  H-Soz.-u.Kult

"Gabriele Herz’s memoir is important on the one hand because of its description of individual experience through its use of the personal perspective. On the other hand, it also presents an important document for the historiography of the early concentration camps and of the experience of the persecution of Jewish women in 1930s Germany in particular. The historian Jane Caplan wrote a highly informative introduction that outlines the wider context and the complexities of Gabriele Herz’s memoir."  ·


The Nazi regime opened its first concentration camps within weeks of coming to power, but with the exception of Dachau the history of these early, improvised camps and their inmates is not yet widely known. Gabriele Herz's memoir, published for the first time, is a unique record of a Jewish woman's detention in the first women's concentration camp in Moringen (housed in part of an old-established workhouse), at a time when most other inmates were communists or Jehovah's Witnesses. This original translation of her wry and perceptive memoir is accompanied by an extensive introduction that sets Herz's experience in the history both of political detention under the Nazi regime and of the German workhouse system.

Jane Caplan is a Fellow of St Antony's College, Oxford, and University Lecturer in Modern History.

Subject: Jewish StudiesGender Studies and Sexuality
Area: Germany

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