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Moving Places: Relations, Return and Belonging

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Volume 29

EASA Series

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Moving Places

Relations, Return and Belonging

Edited by Nataša Gregorič Bon and Jaka Repič

240 pages, 6 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-242-5 $135.00/£99.00 / Hb / Published (September 2016)

eISBN 978-1-78533-243-2 eBook

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“This is a well conceived and well executed volume that addresses an important and timely constellation of themes regarding movement, (im)mobilities, dislocations, reorientations, return, and memory in a range of compelling sociocultural contexts.“ · Peter Kirby, University of Oxford

“This book makes a good argument for considering “place” in understandings of human mobility, migration, and movement.” · Deborah Reed-Danahay, SUNY, Buffalo


Moving Places draws together contributions from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, exploring practices and experiences of movement, non-movement, and place-making. The book centers on “moving places”: places with locations that are not fixed but relative. Locations appearing to be reasonably stable, such as home and homeland, are in fact always subject to practices, imaginaries, and politics of movement. Bringing together original ethnographic contributions with a clear theoretical focus, this volume spans the fields of anthropology, human geography, migration, and border studies, and serves as teaching material in related programs.

Nataša Gregorič Bon is Research Fellow at the Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU).

Jaka Repič is Associate Professor and Researcher at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Subject: Anthropology (General)Refugee and Migration StudiesMobility StudiesEnvironmental Studies (General)


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