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The Great Reform That Never Was

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Volume 32

Italian Politics

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The Great Reform That Never Was

Edited by Alessandro Chiaramonte and Alex Wilson

235 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78533-900-4 $69.95/£55.95 Pb Published (December 2017)

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In Italy, 2016 was meant to be the year of the “great reform,” a constitutional revision that would have concluded the never-ending transition from “First” to “Second” Republic, a long process involving several transformations in the electoral system and party system since the 1990s. It did not turn out this way. Instead, the Renzi-Boschi law for constitutional revision, which started its parliamentary procedure in April 2014 and saw its final reading in the Chamber of Deputies in April 2016, was eventually rejected by voters in a confirmative referendum held on 4 December.

Alessandro Chiaramonte is Full Professor of Political Science at the University of Florence.

Alex Wilson is Associate Research Fellow at Vesalius College, affiliated with the Free University of Brussels (VUB).

Subject: History: 20th Century to Present
Area: Southern Europe


List of Abbreviations
Chronology of Italian Political Events, 2016
Rinaldo Vignatti

Introduction: The Great Reform That Never Was
Alessandro Chiaramonte and Alex Wilson


Chapter 1. Matteo Salvini's Northern League in 2016: Between Stasis and New Opportunities
Davide Vampa

Chapter 2. Relations with Europe: Beyond the Vincolo Esterno
Erik Jones

Chapter 3. Italy in the Middle East and the Mediterranean: Evolving Relations with Egypt and Libya
Elisabetta Brighi and Marta Musso


Chapter 4. The 2016 Municipal Elections
Vincenzo Emanuele and Nicola Maggini

Chapter 5. Yet Another Failed Attempt to Reform the Italian Constitution Carlo Fusaro 6. Renzi Removed: The 2016 Italian Constitutional Referendum and Its Outcome
Martin J. Bull


Chapter 7. The Decline of Rome: The Never-Ending Crisis in the Capital
Giada Zampano

Chapter 8. The Persistent Issue of Refugees: Organized Hypocrisy, Solidarity, and Mounting Protest
Tiziana Caponio and Teresa Cappiali

Chapter 9. Civil Unions in Italy
Giulia Maria Cavaletto

Documentary Appendix
Compiled by Valentina Sartori


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