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Child Abuse on the Internet: Breaking the Silence

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Child Abuse on the Internet

Breaking the Silence

Edited by Carlos A. Arnaldo
Published in Association with UNESCO

224 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-57181-245-2 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (July 2001)

ISBN  978-1-57181-246-9 $29.95/£23.95 Pb Published (July 2001)

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“… this book must surely be the most comprehensive study ever published on the issue of the internet and child sexual abuse… [It] offers an excellent overview of policies and programs… A very helpful addition to the child welfare literature.” • Social Development Issues


Child pornography and the sexual abuse of children through misuse of the media and the Internet are complex yet closely related issues. Not only do they necessitate complex solutions, they also demand a social response from all sectors of society. This volume records the response of these various sectors and shows how individuals and organizations can cooperate effectively. It describes the major work being carried out in some African countries, in Albania, Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, and shows the efforts being made to share information and build networks. A reference section provides the site locations or organizations that have made significant advances in protecting children online. In addition, this book offers an action plan to encourage cooperation with others in the same fields in a coherent and coordinated manner.

Carlos A. Arnaldo is the former Chief, Section for Communication Policies and Research, UNESCO, Paris

Subject: Sociology


List of Abbreviations
Notes on Contributors

Maldwyn Jones


1A Real World and Cyberworld: Sexual Abuse of Children today

Chapter 1. A global overview of child abuse and neglect
Kimberly Svevo

Chapter 2. Sri Lanka: protecting environment and children everywhere
Maureen Seneviratne

Chapter 3. The Philippines: fighting child abuse
Alex Corpus Hermoso and Father Shay Cullen

Chapter 4. Kenya: revealing child abuse
Philista Onyango

Chapter 5. Brazil: family, social and economic perspectives, origins, causes, prevention and care
Hélia Barbosa

Chapter 6. Albania: new hope for abused children
Aurela Pano

Chapter 7. Ground-level realities and international action: the vital role of NGOs
Hélène Sackstein

1B Child Pornography and Paedophilia: Attempting a Definition

Chapter 8. Paedophilia: a psychiatric and psychoanalytical point of view
Patrice Dunaigre

Chapter 9. Paedophilia: the work of associations and the role of the media and research
Elisabeth Auclaire

1C Child Pornography, Paedophilia and the Internet

Chapter 10. Child pornography on the Internet
Ofelia Calcetas-Santos

Chapter 11. Research, information and sensitizing the public
Ulla Carlsson

Chapter 12. Paedophiles networking on the Internet
Rachel O'Connell

Chapter 13. Child predators on the Web
Debbie Mahoney


2A Where to Draw the Line?

Chapter 14. Freedom of speech, information and the protection of privacy
Aidan White

Chapter 15. Freedom of information on the Internet: achieving a balance between promotion and protection
Mark Erik Hecht

2B National and International Law Enforcement, Legal and Juridical Aspects

Chapter 16. Legal issues and problems in protecting children against pornography
Ofelia Calcetas-Santos

Chapter 17. Legal and juridical aspects: extraterritorial law and extradition
Pierre Dionne

Chapter 18. International cooperation in law enforcement
Agnès Fournier de Saint Maur

Chapter 19. Casa Alianza's legal work in Central America
Bruce Harris

Chapter 20. Children and the law: the case of Hong Kong
Gordon Fung

2C Police or Self-Policing: Can the Internet Community Deal with the Problem?

Chapter 21. The technical response: blocking, filtering and rating the Internet
Parry Aftab

Chapter 22. The industry response 1: the Internet industry and illegal content
Jean-Christophe Le Toquin

Chapter 23. The industry response 2: self-regulation by the Internet industry
David Kerr

Chapter 24. The academic and research response 1: a research and civic initiative in Belgium
Béatrice van Bastelaer

Chapter 25. The academic and research response 2: research and cooperation
Jo Groebel

Chapter 26. The media response: a journalist's view of the problem in Asia
Carol Aloysius

Chapter 27. The NGO response: ECPAT International's strategy
Muireann O'Briain


Declaration and Plan of Action

Chapter 28. The World Citizens' Movement to Protect Innocence in Danger
Homayra Sellier

Epilogue: the Child is a Person
Carlos A. Arnaldo


Annex I: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Annex II: List of sites for the protection of children


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