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Negotiating Identity in Scandinavia: Women, Migration, and the Diaspora

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Negotiating Identity in Scandinavia

Women, Migration, and the Diaspora

Edited by Haci Akman

206 pages, 9 illus., bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-78238-306-2 $135.00/£99.00 Hb Published (May 2014)

ISBN  978-1-80073-180-6 $29.95/£23.95 Pb Not Yet Published (June 2021)

eISBN 978-1-78238-307-9 eBook

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“This book is recommended for all those interested in identity, gender and diaspora, and migration studies more broadly. The topics covered by the authors also recommend it for those interested in belonging, the state, political engagement and resistance.” • Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale

“The anthology provides careful analysis based on rich empirical material that illuminates the complexity of the region (and of the migration processes that have occurred in the last thirty years) represented and acted upon as the Nordic…[Its] strength lies in its ability to pose central research questions at the crossroad between the making of the ‘Nordic’ and the original ways through which diasporic communities create gendered forms of belonging that transcend the nation-state. This ability to move between the local and the global through original and reflexive methodologies locates the anthology’s work within a broader international scholarship.” • Diana Mulinari, Center for Gender Studies, University of Lund


Gender has a profound impact on the discourse on migration as well as various aspects of integration, social and political life, public debate, and art. This volume focuses on immigration and the concept of diaspora through the experiences of women living in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Through a variety of case studies, the authors approach the multifaceted nature of interactions between these women and their adopted countries, considering both the local and the global. The text examines the “making of the Scandinavian” and the novel ways in which diasporic communities create gendered forms of belonging that transcend the nation state.

Haci Akman is Associate Professor in the Faculty of the Humanities, at the University of Bergen, Norway. His research focuses on ethnicity, migration and diaspora, cultural heritage, and identity.  His recent publications include Scandinavian Museums and Cultural Diversity (co-edited, Berghahn Books, 2008).

Subject: Anthropology (General) Gender Studies and Sexuality Refugee and Migration Studies
Area: Northern Europe


List of Illustrations

Introduction: Reasserting the Centrality of Women in Diasporas
Haci Akman


Chapter 1. Art as Political Expression in the Diaspora
Haci Akman

Chapter 2. Islamic Identity in Third Space: Muslim Women Negotiating Subjectivity in Sweden
Pia Karlsson Minganti

Chapter 3. Political Muslim Women in the News Media
Rikke Andreassen

Chapter 4. Finding Their Own Way Between Revolutionary Adult Feminism and Well-behaved Veiled Girlhood – Female Migrants in Denmark
Malene Fenger-Grøndahl

Chapter 5. Being a Kurdish Woman in Sweden: Diaspora, Gender and Politics of Belonging
Minoo Alinia


Chapter 6. Kurdish Women of the Diaspora and Political Participation
Kariane Westrheim

Chapter 7. Territorial Stigmatisation, Inequality of Schooling and Identity Formation Among Young Immigrants
Bolette Moldenhawer

Chapter 8. The Absence of Strategy and the Absence of Bildung – When Integration Policy Cannot Succeed
Tina Kallehave

Notes on Contributors

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