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Turks in Europe: From Guest Worker to Transnational Citizen

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Turks in Europe

From Guest Worker to Transnational Citizen

Nermin Abadan-Unat
Translated from German by Caterine Campion
With a Foreword by Stephen Castles, University of Sydney and Oxford University

318 pages, 26 illus., 53 tables bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-84545-425-8 $135.00/£99.00 / Hb / Published (May 2011)

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“The cogency of the book is due to two exceptional qualities: the unrivalled hands-on information of the author and the outstanding longitudinal perspective she has accumulated through the decades…an excellent genealogy of Turkish migration. It is a must-have reference book for scholars, students and practitioners interested in Turkish migration to Europe.” • Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

“…an invaluable reference work for scholars in the social sciences and the humanities.” • Journal of Contemporary European Studies

Anyone who has studied international migration to Western Europe should be familiar with Nermin Abadan-Unat, who has been a central figure in charting Turkish labor migration to Germany, the Netherlands, France, and other European countries since the early 1960s. In addition, she has made major contributions to the broader social sciences. She is especially known for her research on the position of women—in Turkey, in international migration, and in processes of social development… Her many books and scientific articles span the social sciences, and this has given her the ability to make linkages and to unravel complex processes of development, modernization, and globalization. From the Foreword


One of the foremost scholars on Turkish migration, the author offers in this work the summary of her experiences and research on Turkish migration since 1963. During these forty years her aim has been threefold: to explain the journeys made by thousands of Turkish men and women to foreign lands out of choice, necessity, or invitation; to shed light on the difficulties they faced; and to elaborate on how their lives were affected by the legal, political, social, and economic measures in the countries where they settled. The extensive research done both in Turkey and in Europe into the lives of individuals directly and indirectly affected by the migration phenomenon and the examination of these research results further enhances the value of this wide-ranging study as a definitive reference work.

Nermin Abadan-Unat graduated from Istanbul Law Faculty in 1944 and then pursued graduate studies at the University of Minnesota. She has taught at both Ankara University and Istanbul University and served as a visiting professor at the University of Munich, The City University of New York, Denver University, Georgetown University, and the University of California at Los Angeles. At present she teaches at Bog˘aziçi University. Her publications in English include Turkish Workers in Europe (1976) with R. Keles¸ et al., Migration and Development (1976), and Women in Turkish Society (1981).

Subject: Refugee and Migration Studies
Area: Europe


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