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Berghahn Series

Studies in Linguistic Anthropology

Series Editors:
Jamin Pelkey, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Theresia Hofer, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

The Studies of Linguistic Anthropology series opens fresh inquiry into the untold ways human beings shape languages and language shapes humanity. Through innovative monographs and collections, scholars explore the intertwining relationships shared between culture and language, asking how such relations might help us better understand what it means to be human. Studies in the series are empirically grounded, conceptually critical and theoretically aware. Language and culture are approached as embodied semiotic modeling processes inclusive of speech, sign and social performance but not limited to observable behavior—thus encompassing social and cognitive dimensions of human experience.

To promote the analysis and interpretation of language in cultural contexts and culture in linguistic constructs, the series welcomes a non-restrictive range of linguistic approaches, using mixed methodologies to treat topics ranging from the embodied human person and evolutionary dimensions of human existence to the vast array of human sociocultural/rhetorical dynamics and speech variation practices. Semiotic, cognitive and multimodal approaches to linguistic anthropology are particularly welcome, as are diachronic, cross-cultural and cross-linguistic comparisons.

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