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Berghahn Series

Spektrum: Publications of the German Studies Association

Series Editor: Birgit Tautz, Department of German, Bowdoin College

Board of Editors:
Hester BaerDepartment of Germanic Studies, University of Maryland
Friederike EiglerDepartment of German, Georgetown University
Tiffany N. FlorvilDepartment of History, The University of New Mexico
Jared PoleyDepartment of History, Georgia State University
Daniel PurdyDepartment of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Pennslyvania State University
Annette F. TimmDepartment of History, University of Calgary
George WilliamsonDepartment of History, Florida State University

Founding Editor :
David M. LuebkeDepartment of History, University of Oregon

Published under the auspices of the German Studies Association, Spektrum offers current perspectives on culture, society, and political life in the German-speaking lands of central Europe—Austria, Switzerland, and the Federal Republic—from the late Middle Ages to the present day. Its titles and themes reflect the composition of the GSA and the work of its members within and across the disciplines to which they belong—literary criticism, history, cultural studies, political science, and anthropology.

All queries regarding the series should be made to series editor Birgit Tautz.

Download Series Flyer:

Spektrum Series Flyer

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