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Berghahn Series

Person, Space and Memory in the Contemporary Pacific

Series Editor:
Prof. Jürg Wassmann, University of Heidelberg, Institute of Anthropology
Dr. Verena Keck, Institute of Anthropology, Goethe University Frankfurt

Advisory Board:
Prof. Pierre R. Dasen, University of Geneva, Department of Anthropology of Education and Cross-Cultural Psychology
Prof. Donald H. Rubinstein, University of Guam, Micronesian Area Research Center
Prof. Robert Tonkinson, The University of Western Australia, Department of Anthropology
Prof. Peter Meusburger, University of Heidelberg, Department of Economic and Social Geography
Prof. Joachim Funke, University of Heidelberg, Department of Psychology

The many different localities of the Pacific region have a long history of transformation, under both pre- and post-colonial conditions. More recently, rates of local transformation have increased tremendously under post-colonial regimes. Yet, until now, research has concentrated on the macro- or culturally specific aspects of globalization, while neglecting actual actors and their perspectives of social change. This series supplements earlier work through the integration of cultural research with psychological methodologies, linguistics, geography and cognitive science.

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Person, Space and Memory in the Contemporary Pacific