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Berghahn Series

International Monographs in Prehistory

Series Editors:
Anastasia Dakouri-Hild, University of Virginia
Giorgos Vavouranakis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)

International Monographs in Prehistory publishes monographs in all areas of archaeological and ethnoarchaeological research. There are no geographical, topical, temporal, or other specific limitations. Monographs should pursue both data and theory, but never data devoid of theoretical context and impact, nor theory which is not exemplified by or tested against data. Although a distinction is often drawn between theoretical and substantive works in archaeology, this series seeks work of significance containing elements of both theory and substance. Monographs in the series will have immediate impact and long-lasting value in the field.

Formal submissions should be sent directly to Berghahn Books, however initial enquiries are encouraged and should be sent to Caryn Berg, who will be able to advise and help you through the formal procedure. For more information on Berghahn's manuscript submission procedure, please look at the Info for Authors section on this web site. If you have any queries about the formal procedure, please contact Berghahn.

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Ethnoarchaeology Series

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