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Berghahn Series

Asia-Pacific Studies: Past and Present

Series Editors:
Hans Steinmüller, London School of Economics
Dolores Martinez, SOAS University of London

Founding Editors:
David Askew, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
J. S. Eades, Emeritus Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

The forces of globalization in the Asia-Pacific—the most economically dynamic region of the world—are bringing about profound social, political and cultural changes in everyday lives, affecting the world both within and beyond the region. New social and cultural formations, such as the rise of the middle classes, the spread of new mass-media and virtual technologies, and the burden of environmental pressures, present challenges to global social theories. Meanwhile, the past casts a lingering shadow, with historical conflicts adding fuel to current tensions over a wide range of issues. This book series provides an outlet for cutting-edge academic research on the politics, histories, societies, and cultures of individual countries in the Asia-Pacific together with overviews of major regional trends and developments.

Formal submissions should be sent directly to Berghahn Books. For more information on Berghahn's manuscript submission procedure, please look at the Info for Authors section on this web site. All submissions to this series, as well as any queries about the formal procedure, should be sent to Berghahn.


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