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Berghahn Series

Anthropology at Work

Series Editors:
Jakob Krause-Jensen, Aarhus University
Emil André Røyrvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Editorial Committee:
Ann Jordan, University of North Texas
Michael Blim, City University of New York, Graduate Center
James Carrier, University of Indiana
Brian Moeran, University of Hong Kong

Halvard Vike, University of South-Eastern Norway
Marina Welker, Cornell University

We dedicate much of our lives to work, and work defines both people and their relationships to a great extent. The social and cultural processes of work require investigation, not least in our time of globalization and crises in capitalism. The series offers ethnography-based, anthropological analyses of work in its diverse contexts and manifestations.

Submissions of book proposals should use Berghahn’s New Book Outline, and it should be sent directly to the editors at: and

For more information on Berghahn's manuscript submission procedure, please look at the Info for Authors section on this web site.

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