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Berghahn Series

Teaching Ethics: Material for Practitioner Education

General editor:
Donna Dickenson, John Ferguson Professor at the University of Birmingham and Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics

“These books are organized well for teaching purposes with illustrative examples of issues and interactive discussion activities sprinkled throughout background information and commentaries…I very much enjoyed reading these texts. I found the case examples, challenging questions and discussions thought provoking and fun…These books would be good additions to a genetic counseling teaching library.”  ·   Journal of Genetic Counseling

These three books introduce key areas in current medical ethics to readers with no previous knowledge in the field. Structured around a variety of guided activities and real-life cases, the books look respectively at the implications of the possible abuses of new reproductive technologies, "new genetics", and protection of research subjects in an increasingly global environment of research trials. Both authors and cases represent a wide range of European backgrounds and professional disciplines, including medicine, bioethics, law, sociology, theology, and philosophy.