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Berghahn Educational Studies

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New & Recent Educational Studies titles

When Will We Talk About Hitler?
August 2019

When Will We Talk About Hitler?

German Students and the Nazi Past

Oeser, A.
The World of Children
October 2019

The World of Children

Foreign Cultures in Nineteenth-Century German Education and Entertainment

Lässig, S. & Weiß, A. (eds)
Teaching Modernization
December 2019

Teaching Modernization

Spanish and Latin American Educational Reform in the Cold War

Martín García, Ó. J. & Gómez-Escalonilla, L. D. (eds)
Beyond Posthumanism
February 2020

Beyond Posthumanism

The German Humanist Tradition and the Future of the Humanities

Mathäs, A.
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Latest Blog Articles

Remembering Forgetting: A Monument to Erasure at the University of North Carolina

by Timothy J. McMillan The following essay originally appeared in Silence, Screen and Spectacle: Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information. This book is now available in paperback. In 2001, I began teaching a first-year seminar titled “Defining Blackness.” My journey with that class and its descendants is intertwined with my relationship with the memorial landscape, concrete […]

Recreating universities to help revive democracy

The following is a post by Davydd J. Greenwood, Goldwin Smith Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, Cornell University The following are some management verities that abound in current university administrations: Good universities require highly-paid leaders hired by Boards of Trustees through executive search services. Good universities have large administrative staffs, often outnumbering the faculty. Good university […]

Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in December

Theoria A Journal of Social and Political Theory Volume 63, Issue 149 The articles in this issue cover a range of topics including realism of political liberalism, anxiety about the party form on the left, the debate about the nature of Afrocommunitarianism between Ifeanyi Menkiti and Kwame Gyekye, and the ‘crisis of democracy’ and current […]

Words Matter: ‘Race’ in American Campaign Rhetoric

by Augustine Agwuele. Augustine Agwuele is the author of the article “Culture Trumps Scientific Fact: ‘Race’ in US American Language” appearing in Volume: 60 Issue: 2 of Social Analysis: The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice. Momma she send me to school, I get educated I get educated, so sophisticated Not under-rated but really elevated West African youths […]

Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Issues Published in August

NEW IN 2015: Boyhood Studies Volume 8, Issue 1 The journal continues Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies, seven volumes of which were published between 2007 and 2013 by The Men’s Studies Press. As originally envisioned in Thymos, we hope that Boyhood Studies will be of help in making sense of all the awards, nominations, views, […]

Celebrating the New School Year

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela As the summer ends and the weather turns, the new school year begins. Although the first day varies in different parts of the world, generaly school begins in late August or early September in the northern hemisphere. Berghahn is happy to welcome […]

Simulated Shelves: Browse July 2015 New Books

We’re delighted to offer a selection of latest releases from our core subjects of Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Education, Film Studies, History, Media Studies, Refugee & Migration Studies, Socio-Legal Studies, and Sociology, along with a selection of our New in Paperback titles. We are especially excited to announce the publication of TELEVISION’S MOMENT by Christina von Hodenberg. “… A […]

Simulated Shelves: Browse March 2015 New Books

  We are delighted to present a selection of our newly published March 2015 titles from our core subjects of Anthropology, Colonialism, Education, Global Health, History, Medical Anthropology, Politics, Theory & Methodology in Anthropology, and Urban Studies, along with a selection of our New in Paperback titles.   We are especially excited to announce the publication of the […]

Not So Different After All: Connecting British and Bengali Education Systems

Connecting Histories of Education: Transnational and Cross-Cultural Exchanges in (Post)Colonial Education, edited by Barnita Bagchi, Eckhardt Fuchs and Kate Rousmaniere, has recently been published by Berghahn. The editors previously shared an excerpt from the volume’s Introduction, which can be read here. A second extract, this one from Mary Hilton’s chapter “A Transcultural Transaction: William Carey’s Baptist Mission, […]

Variations on an Educational Theme

When the traditional educational system of colonizing societies was disseminated to indigenous societies, it was not accepted by the colonized “as-is,” but was adopted as merely an underlying framework. This hybridization led to a multitude of varied, yet similar, educational systems across the post-imperialized world. In the following excerpt from the Introduction of Connecting Histories […]

Educational Studies-Related Journals

Girlhood Studies

Girlhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Claudia Mitchell, McGill University

ISSN Print: 1938-8209
ISSN Online: 1938-8322
Volume 12/2019, 3 issues p.a. (spring, summer, winter)
» Latest Issue Online

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Editor: Eckhardt Fuchs, Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research

ISSN Print: 2041-6938
ISSN Online: 2041-6946
Volume 11/2019, 2 issues p.a. (spring, autumn)
» Latest Issue Online

Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences

Editors: Penny Welch, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communication, University of Wolverhampton and Susan Wright, Danish School of Education, University of Århus

ISSN Print: 1755-2273
ISSN Online: 1755-2281
Volume 12/2019, 3 issues p.a. (spring, summer, winter)
» Latest Issue Online

Boyhood Studies

Boyhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Editor: Diederik F. Janssen

ISSN Print: 2375-9240
ISSN Online: 2375-9267
Volume 12/2019, 2 issues p.a.
» Latest Issue Online

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