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World Water Day

World Water Day is an annual event celebrated on March 22. The day focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. For an opportunity to learn more about water related issues and how to take action to make a difference please visit

Berghahn is pleased to offer a selection of relevant books and journal articles below.

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Exploring Dynamic Environments where Rivers Meet the Sea
Edited by Franz Krause and Mark Harris

“This volume does more than assemble ethnographic studies of delta inhabitants from around the world. It weaves their experience into a sustained reflection on life in a volatile world of islands, reedbeds, coasts and swamps, a world ever made, unmade and remade, as much by spirits as by people, and as much by states and markets as by the elements of air, earth and water. Here, the lens of the delta affords rare insight into what it means to live downstream.”Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen

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Human Habitation of the Sea from the Mesolithic to Today
Edited by Tanya J. King and Gary Robinson

At Home on the Waves sets out what it aims to do and contributes to the overarching theme of the centrality of marine environments to people around the world. Those researching the topic will appreciate the numerous examples from anthropological and archaeological perspectives and the range of geographical locations…that render the book worth reading.”Maritime Archaeology

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Featured Articles from Berghahn Journals

Berghahn Open Anthro Collection

Oceans (Vol. 11)

Environment and Society publishes critical reviews of the latest research literature on environmental studies, including subjects of theoretical, methodological, substantive, and applied significance.

No One Can Hold It Back: The Theopolitics of Water and Life in Chilean Patagonia without Dams
Carlota McAllister (Vol. 64, Issue 4)

Open Access

Transboundary water relations of the Itaipu Dam
Pelle Berkhout and Jeroen Warner (Vol. 13, Issue 3)

Water cooperation within West Africa’s major transboundary river basins
Miguel Roy Whitehead Dos Santos (Vol. 13, Issue 2)

Gobernanza hídrica como securitización socioambiental en la subcuenca La Sabana–Tres Palos, Acapulco
Erick Alfonso Galán Castro, América Libertad Rodríguez Herrera, and José Luis Rosas-Acevedo (Vol. 11, Issue 1)

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Hydrologic Habitus: Wells, Watering Practices, and Water Supply Infrastructure
Brock Ternes and Brian Donovan (Vol. 15, Issue 1)

Distributing Responsibilities in an Agricultural Ecosystem: Insights from the Lake Naivasha Water Basin in Kenya
Gaële Rouillé-Kielo (Vol. 14, Issue 3)

Water Use and User Attitudes: Common-Pool Resources and Longitudinal Change in a Brazilian Community
John Marr Ditty and Maria Eugênia Totti (Vol. 14, Issue 2)

New Horizons for Sustainable Architecture: Hydro-Logical Design for the Ecologically Responsive City
Brook Muller (Vol. 13, Issue 2)

Water, Water Everywhere (or, Seeing Is Believing): The Visibility of Water Supply and the Public Will for Conservation
Kate Pride Brown (Vol. 12, Issue 3)