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International Studies in Social History Series

Published in Association with the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

Published under the auspices of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, this series offers transnational perspectives on labor and working-class history. For a long time, labor historians have been working within national interpretive frameworks. But interest in studies contrasting different national and regional experiences and studying cross-border interactions has been increasing in recent years. This series is designed to act as a forum for these new approaches.


Laborers and Enslaved Workers: Experiences in Common in the Making of Rio de Janeiro's Working Class, 1850-1920Volume 29

Experiences in Common in the Making of Rio de Janeiro’s Working Class, 1850-1920
Marcelo Badaró Mattos
Translated by Renata Meirelles and Frederico Machado de Barros

From the middle of the nineteenth century until the 1888 abolition of slavery in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro was home to the largest urban population of enslaved workers anywhere in the Americas. It was also the site of an incipient working-class consciousness that expressed itself across seemingly distinct social categories. In this volume, Marcelo Badaró Mattos demonstrates that these two historical phenomena cannot be understood in isolation. Drawing on a wide range of historical sources, Badaró Mattos reveals the diverse labor arrangements and associative life of Rio’s working class, from which emerged the many strategies that workers both free and unfree pursued in their struggles against oppression.

Read Introduction

Labour, Unions and Politics under the North Star: The Nordic Countries, 1700-2000Volume 28

The Nordic Countries, 1700-2000
Edited by Mary Hilson, Silke Neunsinger, and Iben Vyff


Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden today all enjoy a reputation for strong labour movements, which in turn are widely seen as part of a distinctive regional approach to politics, collective bargaining and welfare. But as this volume demonstrates, narratives of the so-called “Nordic model” can obscure the fact that experiences of work and the fortunes of organized labour have varied widely throughout the region and across different historical periods. Together, the essays collected here represent an ambitious intervention in labour historiography and European history, exploring themes such as work, unions, politics and migration from the early modern period to the twenty-first century.

Read Introduction: Labour, Unions and Politics in the Nordic Countries, c.1700–2000


Rescuing the Vulnerable: Poverty, Welfare and Social Ties in Modern EuropeVolume 27

Poverty, Welfare and Social Ties in Modern Europe
Edited by Beate Althammer, Lutz Raphael, and Tamara Stazic-Wendt


Covering a range of national cases, this volume explores the relationship of weak social ties to poverty and how ideas about this relationship informed welfare policies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. By focusing on three representative populations—neglected children, the homeless, and the unemployed—it provides a rich, comparative consideration of the shifting perceptions, representations, and lived experiences of social vulnerability in modern Europe.

Read Introduction: Poverty and Endangered Social Ties: An Introduction


Volume 26

Institutions and Finding Employment in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Edited by Sigrid Wadauer, Thomas Buchner, and Alexander Mejstrik

Searching for a job has been an everyday affair in both modern and past societies, and employment a concern for both individuals and institutions. The case studies in this volume investigate job search and placement practices in European countries, Australia, and India in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The contributors explore how looking for work becomes a means by which participants (individuals, placement agents, trade unions, municipalities, administrations, state authorities, and schools) articulated specific interests, perspectives, and agendas. Taking an exploratory approach, the chapters illustrate different approaches to the history of employment and job searching, ranging from organizational and regulatory histories to the analysis of practices and autobiographical accounts. In the process, they uncover the interrelations of search practices and attempts to arrange placement services.

Read Introduction: Finding Work and Organizing Placement in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

To view all volumes in the series please visit the series webpage.

NEW In Paperback:


Cultural Legacies of Europe at War, 1936-2016
Edited by Manuel Bragança and Peter Tame
Foreword by Richard Overy
Afterword by Jay Winter

Volume 17, Contemporary European History


In its totality, the “Long Second World War”—extending from the beginning of the Spanish Civil War to the end of hostilities in 1945—has exerted enormous influence over European culture. Bringing together leading historians, sociologists, and literary and film scholars, this broadly interdisciplinary volume investigates Europeans’ individual and collective memories and the ways in which they have shaped the continent’s cultural heritage. Focusing on the major combatant nations—Spain, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Russia—it offers thoroughly contextualized explorations of novels, memoirs, films, and a host of other cultural forms to illuminate European public memory.

Read Introduction: The Long Aftermath of the Long Second World War


War Stories: The War Memoir in History and LiteratureWAR STORIES
The War Memoir in History and Literature
Edited by Philip Dwyer


“The articles… all provide insights and are all engaging, a trait not often found in edited volumes. The topics range over time (from 17th-century European wars to present-day Afghanistan) and over continents (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa)… Dwyer’s own introductory article incisively orients readers not only to the memoir field, but also to the various perspectives and approaches inherent in war memoir presentation.” · Choice

Read Chapter 1. Making Sense of the Muddle: War Memoirs and the Culture of Remembering


Sacrifice and Rebirth: The Legacy of the Last Habsburg WarSACRIFICE AND REBIRTH
The Legacy of the Last Habsburg War
Edited by Mark Cornwall and John Paul Newman

Volume 18, Austrian and Habsburg Studies


“By following the many ways in which the Great War was framed and interpreted all over the former Habsburg Monarchy, this collection provides a fantastic foundation for fresh and thought-provoking comparisons throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and makes a strong argument for overcoming the hitherto prevailing focus on single successor states.”H-Soz-Kult

Read Introduction: A Conflicted and Divided Habsburg Memory


War and Women across Continents: Autobiographical and Biographical ExperiencesForthcoming!

Autobiographical and Biographical Experiences
Edited by Shirley Ardener, Fiona Armitage-Woodward, and Lidia Dina Sciama


“Interesting and timely. Using different research methods to arrive at the story of women involved in war and conflicts adds value to existing feminist research methods. The academic, and especially feminist, readership will benefit from this volume.” · Nahla Abdo, Carleton University

Read Introduction: Women’s Autobiographical and Biographical Experiences of War across Continents: An Introduction



The Ethics of Seeing: Photography and Twentieth-Century German HistoryTHE ETHICS OF SEEING
Photography and Twentieth-Century German History
Edited by Jennifer Evans, Paul Betts, and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Volume 21, Studies in German History


The Ethics of Seeing brings together an international group of scholars to explore the complex relationship between the visual and the historic in German history. Emphasizing the transformation of the visual arena and the ways in which ordinary people made sense of world events, these revealing case studies illustrate photography’s multilayered role as a new form of representation, a means to subjective experience, and a fresh mode of narrating the past.

Read Introduction: Photography as an Ethics of Seeing


Communist Parties Revisited: Sociocultural Approaches to Party Rule in the Soviet Bloc, 1956-1991COMMUNIST PARTIES REVISITED
Sociocultural Approaches to Party Rule in the Soviet Bloc, 1956-1991
Edited by Rüdiger Bergien and Jens Gieseke


Communist Parties Revisited takes a markedly different approach, investigating everyday life within basic organizations to illuminate the inner workings of Eastern Bloc parties. Ranging across national and transnational contexts, the contributions assembled here reconstruct the rituals of party meetings, functionaries’ informal practices, intra-party power struggles, and the social production of ideology to give a detailed account of state socialist policymaking on a micro-historical scale.

Read Introduction: Communist Parties Revisited: Sociocultural Approaches to Party Rule in the Soviet Bloc, 1956-1991


Parallel Lives Revisited: Mediterranean Guest Workers and their Families at Work and in the Neighbourhood, 1960-1980PARALLEL LIVES REVISITED
Mediterranean Guest Workers and their Families at Work and in the Neighbourhood, 1960-1980
Jozefien De Bock
Foreword by Leo Lucassen


Combining quantitative analysis, archival research, and over one hundred oral history interviews, Parallel Lives Revisited explores the lives of immigrants from six Mediterranean countries in a postwar Belgian city to provide a fascinating account of how their experiences of integration have changed at work and in their neighborhoods across two decades.

Read Introduction


The Partial Revolution: Labour, Social Movements and the Invisible Hand of Mao in Western NepalTHE PARTIAL REVOLUTION
Labour, Social Movements and the Invisible Hand of Mao in Western Nepal
Michael Hoffmann

Volume 21, Dislocations


The Partial Revolution examines Kailali in the aftermath of Nepal’s Maoist insurgency, critically examining the ways in which revolutionary political mobilization changes social relations—often unexpectedly clashing with the movement’s ideological goals. Focusing primarily on the end of Kailali’s feudal system of bonded labor, Hoffmann explores the connection between politics, labor, and Mao’s legacy, documenting the impact of changing political contexts on labor relations among former debt-bonded laborers.

Read Introduction: The Maoist Victory Rally

Berghahn Journals 


The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History

Aspasia is the international peer-reviewed annual of women’s and gender history of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe (CESEE). It aims to transform European women’s and gender history by expanding comparative research on women and gender to all parts of Europe, creating a European history of women and gender that encompasses more than the traditional Western European perspective. Aspasia particularly emphasizes research that examines the ways in which gender intersects with other categories of social organization and advances work that explores transnational aspects of women’s and gender histories within, to, and from CESEE.


Contributions to the History of Concepts

Contributions to the History of Concepts is the international peer-reviewed journal of the History of Concepts Group (formerly HPSCG). It is hosted and sponsored by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

The journal serves as a platform for theoretical and methodological articles as well as empirical studies on the history of concepts and their social, political, and cultural contexts. It aims to promote the dialogue between the history of concepts and other disciplines, such as intellectual history, history of knowledge and science, linguistics, translation studies, history of political thought and discourse analysis.


French Politics, Culture & Society

FPC&S is the journal of the Conference Group on French Politics & Society. It is jointly sponsored by the Institute of French Studies at New York University and the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University.

French Politics, Culture & Society explores modern and contemporary France from the perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural analysis. It also examines France’s relationship to the larger world, especially Europe, the United States, and the former French Empire.



German Politics and Society

German Politics and Society is a joint publication of the BMW Center for German and European Studies (of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). These centers are represented by their directors on the journal’s Editorial Committee.

German Politics and Society is a peer-reviewed journal published and distributed by Berghahn Journals. It is the only American publication that explores issues in modern Germany from the combined perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural studies.



Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques

Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques (HRRH) has established a well-deserved reputation for publishing high quality articles of wide-ranging interest for over forty years. The journal, which publishes articles in both English and French, is committed to exploring history in an interdisciplinary framework and with a comparative focus. Historical approaches to art, literature, and the social sciences; the history of mentalities and intellectual movements; the terrain where religion and history meet: these are the subjects to which Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques is devoted.



Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Published on behalf of the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research.

The Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society (JEMMS) explores perceptions of society as constituted and conveyed in processes of learning and educational media. The focus is on various types of texts (such as textbooks, museums, memorials, films) and their institutional, political, social, economic, and cultural contexts.




Mobility in History

The Yearbook of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

Since 2003 the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M) has served as a free-trade zone, fostering a new interdisciplinary vitality in the now-flourishing study of the History of Mobility. In its Yearbook, Mobility in History, T2M surveys these developments in the form of a comprehensive state-of-the-art review of research in the field, presenting synopses of recent research, international reviews of research across many countries, thematic reviews, and retrospective assessments of classic works in the area. Mobility in History provides an essential and comprehensive overview of the current situation of Mobility studies.



Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies

Sibirica is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the region and relations to neighboring areas, such as Central Asia, East Asia, and North America.

The journal publishes articles, research reports, conference and book reviews on history, politics, economics, geography, cultural studies, anthropology, and environmental studies. It provides a forum for scholars representing a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to present findings and discuss topics of relevance to human activities in the region or directly relevant to Siberian studies.



Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies is a peer-reviewed journal publishing cutting-edge research on the processes, structures and consequences of the movement of people, resources, and commodities. Intellectually rigorous, broadly ranging, and conceptually innovative, the journal combines the empiricism of traditional mobility history with more recent methodological approaches from the social sciences and the humanities.