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Tag Archives: asia

AUTHOR INTERVIEW(part 1): Anna Odland Portisch on A MAGPIE’S TALE

ANNA ODLAND PORTISCH has taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Brunel University. In her new book A Magpie’s Tale: Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives on the Kazakh of Western Mongolia she recounts her time living with a Kazakh family in a small village. It’s fascinating (“Can you imagine a stranger showing up on […]

Why Every Country Must Become “An Immigrant Country”

This is a guest post written by Adam K Webb, contributor to Volume 62, Number 142 of the journal Theoria. Adam K Webb is the author of the article titled “Not an Immigrant Country? Non-Western Racism and the Duties of Global Citizenship.” What is an “immigrant country”? The phrase brings to mind for most people […]

Margaret Chan: Understanding the Chinese Warrior-Defender of Boundaries

This post is the transcript of an electronic interview between D. S. Farrer and Margaret Chan. Farrer is the special issue editor for Social Analysis Volume 58, Issue 1, and Chan is the author of the article “Tangki War Magic The Virtuality of Spirit Warfare and the Actuality of Peace,” appearing in that issue. Below, Chan answers a series of […]

How does violence relate to belief?

This post is the transcript of an electronic interview between D. S. Farrer and Iain Sinclair. Farrer is the special issue editor for Social Analysis Volume 58, Issue 1, and Sinclair is the author of the article War Magic and Just War in Indian Tantric Buddhism appearing in that issue. Below, Sinclair answers a series of questions related […]

Getting Reacquainted with The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology

  We are delighted to announce that 2015 marks the fourth volume year that the Cambridge Journal of Anthropology has been published through Berghahn. The original journal of this name was an in-house publication based at Cambridge University, with a remit to provide a space in which innovative material and ideas could be tested.   The […]

Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Releases for June

Anthropology in ActionVolume 21, Issue 1This is a special issue on Applied and Social Anthropology, Arts and Health. Asia Pacific WorldVolume 5, Issue 1In this first issue of Volume 5, we have chosen to begin with two keynote presentations from the fourth IAAPS Annual Conference. Contributions to the History of ConceptsVolume 9, Issue 1This issue focuses on conceptual changes […]

Connecting Germany and Asia: A History

The relationship between the people of Germany and Asia strengthened in the second half of the twentieth century, resulting in the burgeoning of the academic field of Asian German studies in recent years. Beyond Alterity: German Encounters with Modern East Asia is a collection of this scholarship. Following, editors Qinna Shen and Martin Rosenstock discuss their […]

Cultivating Communication between Cultures

Later this month, Sonya Pritzker’s monograph Living Translation: Language and the Search for Resonance in U.S. Chinese Medicine will be published. Within this volume, Pritzker explains that translation is not a static exercise, but is instead a variable and experiential undertaking. Following, the author shares how she became enamored of Chinese culture and discovered the […]

The Origins of Wind Over Water

Wind Over Water: Migration in an East Asian Context, edited by David W. Haines, Keiko Yamanaka, and Shinji Yamashita, was published by Berghahn Books in November 2012. Here, the editors discuss the origins and motivations for the collection.    Wind over Water grew out of a concern to see East Asia – and East Asian scholars – […]