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We’re delighted to offer a selection of latest releases from our core subjects of Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, History, and Medical Anthropology and Sociology, along with new Berghahn Journal issues published in April.



Theory & Methodology in Anthropology


On the Geopragmatics of Anthropological IdentificationON THE GEOPRAGMATICS OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL IDENTIFICATION
Allen Chun

Volume 4, Loose Can(n)ons


On the Geopragmatics of Anthropological Identification explores the discursive spaces of our speaking position, or what has routinely been referred to in the literature as the poetics and politics of writing culture.

Read Introduction: The Illusion of Anthropological Identity




Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of Counter-WitchcraftMAGICAL HOUSE PROTECTION
The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft
Brian Hoggard


Belief in magic and particularly the power of witchcraft was a deep and enduring presence in popular culture; people created and concealed many objects to protect themselves from harmful magic. Detailed are the principal forms of magical house protection in Britain and beyond from the fourteenth century to the present day.

Read Preface


Cultural Studies


Concentrationary Art: Jean Cayrol, the Lazarean and the Everyday in Post-war Film, Literature, Music and the Visual ArtsCONCENTRATIONARY ART
Jean Cayrol, the Lazarean and the Everyday in Post-war Film, Literature, Music and the Visual Arts
Edited by Griselda Pollock and Max Silverman


The seminal work of Jean Cayrol has experienced a revival in the French-speaking world since his death in 2005. Concentrationary Art represents the first translation into English of Cayrol’s two essays on concentrationary art, as well as the first book-length study of his theory.

Read Introduction: Lazarus and the Modern World




Gendering Post-1945 German History: EntanglementsGENDERING POST-1945 GERMAN HISTORY
Edited by Karen Hagemann, Donna Harsch, and Friederike Brühöfener


This groundbreaking collection synthesizes the perspectives of entangled history and gender studies, bringing together established as well as upcoming scholars to investigate the ways in which East and West German gender relations were culturally, socially, and politically intertwined.

Read Introduction: Gendering Post-1945 German History: Entanglements


The Engaged Historian: Perspectives on the Intersections of Politics, Activism and the Historical ProfessionTHE ENGAGED HISTORIAN
Perspectives on the Intersections of Politics, Activism and the Historical Profession
Edited by Stefan Berger
Volume 37, Making Sense of History


Political action and historical research have been deeply intertwined for nearly as long as the historical profession has existed. In this insightful collection, practicing historians analyze, reflect on, and share their experiences of this complex relationship.

Read Introduction: Historical Writing and Civic Engagement: A Symbiotic Relationship


Luso-Tropicalism and Its Discontents: The Making and Unmaking of Racial ExceptionalismLUSO-TROPICALISM AND ITS DISCONTENTS
The Making and Unmaking of Racial Exceptionalism
Edited by Warwick Anderson, Ricardo Roque, and Ricardo Ventura Santos


The Portuguese-speaking Global South, especially Brazil, often envisions itself as exceptional in its racial conceptions and politics. Luso-Tropicalism and Its Discontents reassesses Gilberto Freyre’s influential claims that Portuguese colonialism produced what came to be called “racial democracy,” and explores racialization beyond the common trope of “race-mixing.”

Read Introduction


Planning Labour: Time and the Foundations of Industrial Socialism in RomaniaPLANNING LABOUR
Time and the Foundations of Industrial Socialism in Romania
Alina-Sandra Cucu

Volume 32, International Studies in Social History


Planning Labour explores the early socialist industrialization and the implementation of central economic planning in Romania between 1945 and 1955. Centered on the city of Cluj, an ethnically mixed city in the northwestern part of Romania, this volume examines the deeply contradictory process required for achieving socialist accumulation.

Read Introduction


Medical Anthropology


1200px-Open_Access_logo_PLoS_white.svgOpen ACCESS!

Cyborg Mind: What Brain–Computer and Mind–Cyberspace Interfaces Mean for CyberneuroethicsCYBORG MIND
What Brain–Computer and Mind–Cyberspace Interfaces Mean for Cyberneuroethics
Calum MacKellar


With the development of new direct interfaces between the human brain and computer systems, the time has come for an in-depth ethical examination of the way these neuronal interfaces may support an interaction between the mind and cyberspace.





Post-Ottoman Topologies: The Presence of the Past in the Era of the Nation-StatePOST-OTTOMAN TOPOLOGIES
The Presence of the Past in the Era of the Nation-State
Edited by Nicolas Argenti

Volume 8, Studies in Social Analysis


With contributions from several of the Balkan countries that once were united under the aegis of the Ottoman Empire, this latest volume proposes new theoretical approaches to the experience and transmission of the past through time.

Read Introduction: The Presence of the Past in the Era of the Nation-State


Berghahn Journals


AME -No Issue InfoAnthropology of the Middle East

Rethinking Power in Turkey through Everyday Practices (Vol. 13, Issue 3) Guest Editor: Élise Massicard

The journal’s aim is to disseminate, on the basis of informed analysis and insight, a better understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and thereby to achieve a greater appreciation of Middle Eastern contributions to our culturally diverse world.




RECO cvrRegions and Cohesion

Vol. 8, Issue 3

The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on the human and environmental impacts of regional integration processes.





JLA-final-cover_no-issue-infoJournal of Legal Anthropology

Volume 2, Issue 2

The Journal of Legal Anthropology (JLA) is a peer-reviewed journal committed to anthropological understandings of socio-legal and cultural encounters.





LATISS cvrLearning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences

Vol. 11, Issue 3

LATISS – Learning and Teaching is a refereed journal that uses the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, politics, international relations and social policy to reflect critically on learning and teaching practices in higher education and to analyse their relationship to changes in higher education policies and institutions.




sx_GHS 7(1) Cover-R-mk_Layout 1Girlhood Studies: And Interdisciplinary Journal

Queering Girlhood (Vol. 12, Issue 1) Guest Editor: Barbara Jane Brickman

Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the critical discussion of girlhood from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and for the dissemination of current research and reflections on girls’ lives to a broad, cross-disciplinary audience of scholars, researchers, practitioners in the fields of education, social service and health care and policy makers.




SIB-17-1-cover-no-issue-infoSibirica: Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies

Vol. 18, Issue 1

The journal publishes articles, research reports, conference and book reviews on history, politics, economics, geography, cultural studies, anthropology, and environmental studies.





full-fpcs_coverFrench Politics, Culture & Society

The French Resistance in Transnational Perspective (Vol. 37, Issue 1)

French Politics, Culture & Society explores modern and contemporary France from the perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural analysis..





HRRH 39-3 cover:Layout 3Historical Reflections

Volume 44, Issue 3

The journal, which publishes articles in both English and French, is committed to exploring history in an interdisciplinary framework and with a comparative focus.





NEW SA-spring_borderSocial Analysis: The International Journal of Anthropology

Volume 63, Issue 6

An international peer-reviewed journal devoted to exploring the analytical potentials of anthropological research.





TH cvr 154 w issue infoTheoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory

Vol. 66, Issue 158

Theoria is an engaged, multidisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal of social and political theory.





sx4_PROJ_OutsideCov:Layout 1Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind

Vol. 13, Issue 1

Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that explores how the mind experiences, understands, and interprets the audiovisual and narrative structures of cinema and other visual media.





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