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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Releases for November

Israel Studies Review
Volume 28, Issue 2
This collection of articles aims to rethink the concepts of family and familism in Israel today and analyze the changes that are taking place.

Volume 7,
Issue 2

This issue of Projections highlights the complexity of the intersection of movies and mind by integrating established traditions of analyzing media aesthetics with current research into perception, cognition and emotion.

Cambridge Anthropology
Volume 31, Issue 2
This issue features articles covering a broad spectrum of topics.

International Journal of Social Quality
Volume 3, Issue 1
The articles included in this issue of IJSQ touch on different aspects of the “sustainable growth” issue.

Asia Pacific World
Volume 4, Issue 2
The general articles cover a wide range of topics but all grew out of presentations made at IAAPS conferences,with two from the original conference in 2010, and three from the 2011 conference.

Volume 14, Issue 2
This special issue is titled: Shaping Strangers in Early Modern English Travel Writing. The articles consider how various strangers were presented and represented in English travel writing, whether their “strangeness” be one of physical, religious, geographical, or national difference, and, simultaneously, the slippage between different kinds of strangeness.

German Politics & Society
Volume 31, Issue 3
This issue comprises articles covering a range of topics. It also features a forum section and a book reviews section.