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Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Releases for March

German Politics and Society
Volume 32, Issue 1
This special issue is titled West Germany’s Cold War Radio: The Crucible of the Transatlantic Century.

Girlhood Studies
Volume 7, Issue 1
This special issue is titled Cultural Studies and the Re-description of Girls in Crisis.

French Politics, Culture & Society
Volume 32, Issue 1
The special issue is titled Representations, History, and Wartime France.

Historical Reflections
Volume 40, Issue 1
The special issue is titled War, Occupation, and Empire in France and Germany.

International Journal of Social Quality
Volume 3, Issue 2
This issue assembles contributions to inquire into the future of the “social” from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on sociology, political science, and law.

Learning and Teaching
Volume 6, Issue 3
This special issue is titled The Ethnography of the University, and it is dedicated to William F. Kelleher (1950-2013), inspiring teacher, brilliant thinker, activist scholar and co-founder of the Ethnography of the University initiative.

Volume 8, Issue 1
This issue ranges across avant-garde cinema, tear-jerking melodramas, the nature of historical trauma, and narratives that assume playful, game-like formats and that may be found in title sequences and trailers.

Regions & Cohesion
Volume 4, Issue 1
This issue opens with an article that furthers our critical analysis of regional social policy. This article is followed by two more that examine North American border politics as well as a Leadership Forum section and a Review Essay.

Social Analysis
Volume 58, Issue 1
The special issue is titled War Magic and Warrior Religion: Sorcery, Cognition, and Embodiment.

Volume 4, Issue 1
The articles in this issue examine a variety of topics.