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Hot Off the Press – New Journal Issues Published in June

Contributions to the History of Concepts

Volume 11, Issue 1

This issue investigates emotion concepts in South Asian traditions and feautres a special section titled Emotion Concepts in Urdu and Bengali. 

Social Analysis

The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice

Volume 60, Issue 2: (De)materializing Kinship: Holding Together Mutuality and Difference

This issue features a special section titled (De)materializing Kinship: Holding Together Mutuality and Difference. By examining the gaps and fissures within kinship through the lens of material practice, the contributors to this special section uncover new opportunities for critical engagement with theories of difference, semiotics, and value.

The International Journal of Social Quality

Volume 5, Issue 2

This issue covers a range of scholarly topics such as those related to issues of public health and sustainability. 


A Journal of Social and Political Theory 

Volume 63, Issue 147: Empire and Economics

This special issue reflects on the global and regional intellectual, historical and institutional realities of empire and its legacies in Africa.


Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

Volume 2016, Issue 75: In/visible—In/secure

This special issue not only illustrates the multiple and shifting intersections of in/visibility and in/security in today’s security-minded world but also reminds us of the unique contributions that anthropology can make to the critical study of security.

European Comic Art

Volume 9, Issue 1

This edition of European Comic Art has no overarching theme, but a number of questions recur in the work of our contributors, including the nonlinearity of the comics reading process, the power of the graphic line to satirise and demythologise, and the complex issue of readership and interpretation.

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society

Volume 8, Issue 1: Educational Films

This issue explores a variety of themes related to educational films and presents a case for more detailed study of the history of educational films with the fields of historical educational research and historical film research.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies

Volume 15, Issue 1

This special issue is titled Northern Mobilities and features articles on Canadian Indigenous communities,  reindeer herders, siberian newspapers, and more.