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Get to Know Berghahn: Brian Campbell

Get to Know Berghahn is a recurring interview feature that introduces the hardworking people behind the scenes at Berghahn. This week’s subject is Social Media Manager Brian Campbell.

1. How long have you been at Berghahn? What did you do before that?
I’ve been at Berghahn for about a year and a quarter. Before I came here I was a historical researcher for a non-profit that studied childhood poverty, which was depressing. Prior to that I worked in media sales.

2. What do you read when you aren’t reading Berghahn books?
I read all kinds of things. My favorite author is Halldor Laxness and I also really like Thomas Pynchon and Tom McCarthy, but I enjoy science fiction and comics, too. Right now I’m reading The Great Weaver of Kashmir which is the last Laxness novel that’s in print in English that I haven’t read. Next up, I’m planning to read 1491.

3. What’s a skill or talent you have that no one at the office knows about?

I think everyone in the office knows about most of my talents and hobbies. I play ice hockey and I’m very good at trivia games. Everyone also knows I like to cook, but I think people might be surprised by just how incredible my fried chicken is. Another thing people might not know is that I already have plans to take up model railroads when I’m an old man.

4. Where would you want to live if you could move the Berghahn offices anywhere? Why?
I’m a Virginian and, while I’ve been in New York for eight years now, I’d love to have a little place in the Blue Ridge foothills with a few dogs and a big garden someday. So I’d love to move the Berghahn offices to some place like Charlottesville.

 What’s your favorite thing about working at Berghahn?
I’m pretty sure that everyone who has done this so far has answered this with some variation of “the people,” but my answer is still going to have to be the people. It’s really a  lively office and I really enjoy working with such smart interesting people.