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Get to Know Berghahn- Abby Major

Get to Know Berghahn is a recurring interview feature that introduces the hardworking people behind the scenes at Berghahn. This week’s subject is Publicity and Marketing Associate Abby Major.

Q: How long have you been at Berghahn? What did you do before that?
A: It’s hard to believe, but I’m celebrating my one year anniversary at Berghahn this month! I started working here about two weeks after graduating from Wesleyan University in May 2011. I had just received my BA in Wesleyan’s College of Social Sciences program when I moved to New York and joined the company. It was quite an adventure and a lot of change all at once, but I was warmly welcomed by everyone in the office, despite being the youngest and newest member of the team!

Q: What do you read when you aren’t reading Berghahn books?
A: Unsurprisingly, I do a lot of reading, and my taste in books is pretty eclectic – I’m happy to switch from historical fiction to a biography to science fiction and fantasy depending on my mood (I keep a running list of what I want to read, so I always have a few suggestions as soon as I finish something). After studying history, economics, and political science in school, I’m still enjoying the freedom to read mostly fiction in my spare time. I’ve also been trying to take advantage of the free digitized classics, and that’s helped me try some new things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise picked up.

Q: What’s a skill or talent you have that no one at the office knows about?
A; Well, the office already knows how good I am at brewing a strong pot of coffee in the morning, so that’s not much of a secret…. I guess I need to take up an instrument or learn to juggle by the next interview.

Q: Where would you want to live if you could move the Berghahn offices anywhere? Why?
A: It’s no secret at Berghahn that this country girl is still not sure how she feels about the hustle and bustle of New York City (though I really can’t complain with our new Brooklyn location – Trees! Water!), so I think I’d suggest we relocate somewhere a bit more rural. Maybe we could open a satellite office in dairy country in central Pennsylvania where I grew up. Farm fresh milk for our morning coffee… who wouldn’t want that?

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Berghahn?
A: The Berghahn Books family is made up of wonderful people, and I feel really lucky to work with them every day. Everyone here is really passionate and dedicated to what we do, and I think that shows in the quality of what we produce. Because of our size, it is truly a collaborative process, and you are able to see exactly how all the pieces come together and how impossible it would be without each contribution. Of course, my co-workers would probably prefer if the office weren’t small enough for me to holler questions to them instead of sending an email!