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European Day of Parks

tree-3337811_1920Celebrated on May 24th, The European Day of Parks is a commemorative day for Protected Areas across Europe that was launched in 1999 by the EUROPARC Federation. National parks are priceless for the European cultural heritage and observance of European Day of Parks is aimed at strengthening of international cooperation in protection of environment. For more information and schedule of events please visit


In recognition of the day Berghahn is pleased to offer 25% discount on any of our Environmental Studies books for a limited time. Visit our webpage and simply enter the code Parks18 at checkout.


Berghahn is happy to present some of its relevant Environmental Studies titles:


In Paperback

Malagasy and Swiss Imaginations of One Another
Eva Keller

Volume 20, Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology


“This book will make a great addition to undergraduate courses on Anthropology of the Environment and/or Development or Political Ecology. Keller’s highly readable style, in turn, will satisfy both those new to the subject and scholars already familiar with the topics of conservation practice in Madagascar. It could even become an important resource for those conservation experts who are trying – and (as the study shows) failing – to establish connections between distant places and people.” · Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Read Introduction


Winner of the Turku Book Prize of the European Society for Environmental History and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

A Transnational History of the Swiss National Park
Patrick Kupper
Translated from the German by Giselle Weiss

Volume 4, Environment in History: International Perspectives


“Well tied into the literature of national park studies worldwide, this exquisite book… chronicles the unique Swiss experience in creating and managing a national park in which wilderness was nonexistent… Highly recommended.” · Choice

Read Introduction



National Parks in Global Historical Perspective
Edited by Bernhard Gissibl, Sabine Höhler and Patrick Kupper

Volume 1, Environment in History: International Perspectives


This book makes a unique contribution to the conservation literature by enhancing one’s understanding and appreciation of the cultural meaning of nature conservation through the lens of national park development. […] Highly recommended.” · Choice

Read Chapter 1. Unpacking Yellowstone: The American National Park in Global Perspective

Also of Interest:

Image result for open access  Full Text (Open Access)

Ecotourism, Local Knowledge, and Nature Therapies in Okinawa
Andrea E. Murray

Volume 40, New Directions in Anthropology


Footprints in Paradise explores the transformation in community and sense of place as Okinawans come to view themselves through the lens of the visiting tourist consumer, and as their language, landscapes, and wildlife are reconstituted as treasured and vulnerable resources. The rediscovery and revaluing of local ecological knowledge strengthens Okinawan or Uchinaa cultural heritage, despite the controversial presence of US military bases amidst a hegemonic Japanese state.

This edition is supported by Knowledge UnlatchedFull text


Global Sustainability and Communities of Practice

In Paperback

Edited by Carl A. Maida and Sam Beck


Using case-based and theoretical chapters that examine rural and urban communities of practice, this volume illustrates how participatory researchers and students, as well as policy and community leaders, find ways to engage with the broader public when it comes to global sustainability research and practice.

Read Introduction: Towards Global Sustainability and Communities of Practice



Signs of Performance in Yosemite National Park
Sally Ann Ness

Volume 8, Dance and Performance Studies


This original and cross-disciplinary book offers an ethnographic and performative study of Yosemite visitors in order to understand human connection with and within natural landscapes. By grounding a novel “eco-semiotic” analysis in the lived reality of parkgoers, it forges surprising connections, assembling a collective account that will be of interest to disciplines ranging from performance studies to cultural geography.

Read Landscape Performance Theory, an Introduction


Life as a Hunt: Thresholds of Identities and Illusions on an African LandscapeLIFE AS A HUNT
Thresholds of Identities and Illusions on an African Landscape
Stuart A. Marks


“Few academic books display such depth as does this one, but then few anthropologists devote over five decades to the same communities and issues. Anthropologist Marks first worked among Zambia’s Valley Bisa people in 1966, returning frequently for further research. The result is a masterwork of description, interpretation, and self-reflection.”Choice

Read Introduction: On Poaching an Elephant: Calling the Shots and Following the Ricochets


The Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Campaign in Norway
Juliane Riese

Volume 21, Protest, Culture & Society

This book provides an inside look at Greenpeace’s decades-long campaign against the Norwegian whaling industry. Combining historical narrative with sophisticated systems-theory analysis, it examines the organization’s failure to end Norwegian whaling, providing valuable lessons for other protest movements.

Read Introduction: Observing Greenpeace through the Systems-theoretic Lens


A Biosocial Approach
Edited by Catherine M. Hill, Amanda D. Webber and Nancy E. C. Priston

Volume 9, Studies of the Biosocial Society


”This timely volume is a must read for students, academics, researchers, and conservation practitioners and wildlife managers. It not only aims to raise awareness of the human-human conflict dimensions that often underlie or aggravate people-wildlife co-existence, but provides readers with useful approaches in addressing these.” · Tatyana Humle, University of Kent

Read Introduction: Complex Problems: Using a Biosocial Approach to Understanding Human-Wildlife Interactions

Other titles in Environment in History: International Perspectives Series:

Managing Northern Europe's Forests: Histories from the Age of Improvement to the Age of EcologyVolume 12


Histories from the Age of Improvement to the Age of Ecology

Edited by K. Jan Oosthoek and Richard Hölzl

Read Introduction: State Forestry in Northern Europe

Related Link: Exploring Environmental History Podcast

International Organizations and Environmental Protection: Conservation and Globalization in the Twentieth CenturyVolume 11 Forthcoming in Paperback


Conservation and Globalization in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Wolfram Kaiser and Jan-Henrik Meyer

Read Introduction: International Organizations and Environmental Protection in the Global Twentieth Century

In the Name of the Great Work: Stalin's Plan for the Transformation of Nature and its Impact in Eastern EuropeVolume 10


Stalin’s Plan for the Transformation of Nature and its Impact in Eastern Europe

Edited by Doubravka Olšáková

Read Introduction: The Stalin Plan for the Transformation of Nature and the East European Experience

Other titles in Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology Series:

Edges, Fringes, Frontiers: Integral Ecology, Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainability in GuyanaVolume 23 Forthcoming


Integral Ecology, Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainability in Guyana

Thomas B. Henfrey


Indigeneity and the Sacred: Indigenous Revival and the Conservation of Sacred Natural Sites in the AmericasVolume 22


Indigenous Revival and the Conservation of Sacred Natural Sites in the Americas

Edited by Fausto Sarmiento and Sarah Hitchner

Read Introduction

Trees, Knots, and Outriggers: Environmental Knowledge in the Northeast Kula RingVolume 21 In Paperback


Environmental Knowledge in the Northeast Kula Ring

Frederick H. Damon

Read Introduction

Related Link: This book is accompanied by a large online repository of images

Featured Articles from Berghahn Journals


What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Biodiversity Conservation in the Anthropocene?
George Holmes


Tunka National Park: Problems and Prospects
Irina N. Bilichenko


The High Line: An Exhibit Review of New York’s “Park in the Sky”
Tracy Nichols Busch


Urban Park Restoration and the “Museumification” of Nature
Paul H. Gobster


Alaskan Neo-Liberalism Conservation, Development, and Native Land Rights
Sandhya Ganapathy


The Afterlives of Degraded Tropical Forests: New Value for Conservation and Development
Jenny E. Goldstein


Legal Pluralism, Forest Conservation, and Indigenous Capitalists: The Case of the Kalanguya in Tinoc, the Philippines
Adrian Albano, Els van Dongen and Shinya Takeda


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