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Boneyard Quiet: A Ghost Story

In recognition of its Halloween release date, our premiere episode of Salon B is themed around bones, featuring bones both real and fabricated as well as the bone-like structure of a now ghostly bridge. Listen to “Bones” here.

Follow along with A.E. Garrison as she recounts the ghosts within the capitalist landscapes of late modernity in her illustrated chapter, “Boneyard Quiet: A Ghost Story,” brought to life through the author’s narration and visualization (below).

About the book

Remembering Ghosts on the Margins of History
Edited by Sarah Surface-Evans, Amanda E. Garrison and Kisha Supernant

“This collection represents contemporary archaeological praxis that realigns the possibilities of archaeological theory through radical, brave, and at times vulnerable intersectional standpoints that inform a new way forward. The case studies, analysis, and life stories stay with you after you read it; it haunts you.” • Uzma Z. Rizvi, Pratt Institute

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