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Berghahn will be Attending AAA 2018 Conference !

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We are delighted to inform you that we will be attending the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting being held November 14 – 18, 2018 in San Jose, CA. Please stop by Booth #309 to browse our selection of books at discounted prices and pick up free journals samples.

We are especially excited to invite you to join Berghahn on Friday, November 16th, 2018 at 3:30 pm in the exhibit hall area for a wine reception to be held at the Berghahn booth to celebrate some of our newly published titles. We hope to see you there!

If you are unable to attend the conference, we would like to extend a special discount offer. For the next 30 days, receive a 25% discount on all Anthropology titles. Visit our website and use discount code AAA18 at checkout.

For more information on New and Forthcoming titles please check out brand new interactive online Anthropology & Sociology 2019 Catalog.

Access the Journals Anthropology Collection!


We are delighted to offer free access to our complete Anthropology Collection* for AAA conference attendees until the end of the year!

To access all the journals in the collection, login through our website and use the code AAA18 to redeem. View redemption instructions.

Below is a preview of some of our newest releases on display.




Romani Studies Series

Roma Activism: Reimagining Power and KnowledgeVolume 1

Reimagining Power and Knowledge
Edited by Sam Beck and Ana Ivasiuc


Exploring contemporary debates and developments and gathering together contributors from activism, academia, and the worlds of policy and development, this volume argues for taking up reflexivity as practice in in Roma-related research and forms of activism, and advocates a necessary renewal of research sites, methods, and epistemologies.

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Articulating Journeys Series

The Rite of Urban Passage: The Spatial Ritualization of Iranian Urban TransformationVolume 2

The Spatial Ritualization of Iranian Urban Transformation
Reza Masoudi


Focusing on the spatial dynamics of Muharram processions in the Iranian city, this book offers an alternative approach to understanding the process of urban transformation, and puts forward a spatial genealogy of Muharram rituals that provides a platform for developing a fresh spatial approach to ritual studies.

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Travelling towards Home: Mobilities and HomemakingVolume 3

Mobilities and Homemaking
Edited by Nicola Frost and Tom Selwyn


“An important contribution to migration research, especially for understanding home and homemaking in the context of lived realities.” · Natasa Rogelja, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Read Introduction


Loose Can(n)ons Series

Heading for the Scene of the Crash: The Cultural Analysis of AmericaVolume 3

The Cultural Analysis of America
Lee Drummond


Refashioning cultural analysis into a hard-edged tool for the study of American society and culture, Lee Drummond explores the 9/11 terrorist attacks, abortion, sports doping, and the Jonestown massacre-suicides, providing the basis for a new theory of culture grounded in the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Hierarchy and Value: Comparative Perspectives on Moral OrderHIERARCHY AND VALUE
Comparative Perspectives on Moral Order
Edited by Jason Hickel and Naomi Haynes
Afterword by David Graeber

Volume 7, Studies In Social Analysis


Globalization promised to bring about a golden age of liberal individualism, breaking down hierarchies of kinship, caste, and gender around the world and freeing people to express their true, authentic agency. But in some places globalization has spurred the emergence of new forms of hierarchy-or the reemergence of old forms-as people try to reconstitute an imagined past of stable moral order. This is evident from the Islamic revival in the Middle East to visions of the 1950s family among conservatives in the United States. Why does this happen and how do we make sense of this phenomenon? Why do some communities see hierarchy as desireable? In this book, leading anthropologists draw on insightful ethnographic case studies from around the world to address these trends. Together, they develop a theory of hierarchy that treats it both as a relational form and a framework for organizing ideas about the social good.

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The Global Age-Friendly Community Movement: A Critical AppraisalTHE GLOBAL AGE-FRIENDLY COMMUNITY MOVEMENT
A Critical Appraisal
Philip B. Stafford

Volume 5, Life Course, Culture and Aging: Global Transformations

“An important contribution to the literature… [it] attempts to broaden the theories of gerontology to consider the role of community and overcome the limitations of a purely medical model of aging.”Laura M. Keyes, University of North Texas

Read Introduction: Theorizing and Practicing Age-friendly Development



Refugee Resettlement: Power, Politics, and Humanitarian GovernanceREFUGEE RESETTLEMENT
Power, Politics, and Humanitarian Governance
Edited by Adèle Garnier, Liliana Lyra Jubilut, and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

Volume 38, Forced Migration


Examining resettlement practices worldwide and drawing on contributions from anthropology, law, international relations, social work, political science, and numerous other disciplines, this ground-breaking volume highlights the conflicts between refugees’ needs and state practices, and assesses international, regional and national perspectives on resettlement, as well as the bureaucracies and ideologies involved.

Read Introduction: Refugee Resettlement as Humanitarian Governance: Power Dynamics


Social DNA: Rethinking Our Evolutionary PastSOCIAL DNA
Rethinking Our Evolutionary Past
M. Kay Martin


“This book makes tremendous efforts to get away from typical prejudices about human nature and society, whether from the middle ages, the scientists of the 19th Century, or the rationalists of the mid-20th… This overview of many recent findings in a range of evolutionary research is potentially a game-changer.” · Wendy James, University of Oxford

Read Introduction


Mirrors of Passing: Unlocking the Mysteries of Death, Materiality, and TimeMIRRORS OF PASSING
Unlocking the Mysteries of Death, Materiality, and Time
Edited by Sophie Seebach and Rane Willerslev


“Ambitious and engaging, the essays in this volume demonstrate how diverse conceptions of time, in relation to death, are present across history, geography, and media. Beginning with the first chapter’s enchanting examination of a James Joyce story, and continuing through the various ethnographies, the contributors have provided us with new ways of engaging with some familiar themes.” · Barbara Graham, author of Death, Materiality, and Mediation: An Ethnography of Remembrance in Ireland

Read Introduction


Competing Power: Landscapes of Migration, Violence and the StateCOMPETING POWER
Landscapes of Migration, Violence and the State
Narmala Halstead


Drawing from ethnographic material based on long-term research, this volume considers competing forms of power at micro- and macro-levels in Guyana, where the local is marked by extensive migration, corruption, and differing levels of violence.

Read Introduction: Competing Power: Landscapes of Violence, Migration and the State


All or None: Cooperation and Sustainability in Italy's Red BeltALL OR NONE
Cooperation and Sustainability in Italy’s Red Belt
Alison Sánchez Hall


At once a social history and anthropological study of the world’s oldest voluntary collective farms, All or None is a story of how landless laborers joined together in Ravenna, Italy to acquire land, sometimes by occupying private land in what they called a “strike in reverse,” and how they developed sophisticated land use plans, based not only on the goal of profit, but on the human value of providing work where none was available.

Read Chapter 1. “Alice Nel Paese Delle Meravilige” (Alice [the Anthropologist] in Wonderland)


Worldwide Mobilizations: Class Struggles and Urban CommoningWORLDWIDE MOBILIZATIONS
Class Struggles and Urban Commoning
Edited by Don Kalb and Massimiliano Mollona

Volume 24, Dislocations


The past decades have seen significant urban insurrections worldwide, and this volume analyzes some of them from an anthropological perspective; it argues that transformations of urban class relationships must be approached in a way that is both globally informed and deeply embedded in local and popular histories, and contends that every case of urban mobilization should be understood against its precise context in the global capitalist transformation.

Read Introduction: Introductory Thoughts on Anthropology and Urban Insurrection


The Wheel of Autonomy: Rhetoric and Ethnicity in the Omo ValleyTHE WHEEL OF AUTONOMY
Rhetoric and Ethnicity in the Omo Valley
Felix Girke

Volume 18, Integration and Conflict Studies


“This is a superb book, which regarding theories of culture, the epistemology of ethnographic research, and the evolution of our understanding of South Omo societies is path-breaking… The writing is fresh, clear and evocative.”John G. Galaty, McGill University

Read Introduction: How Do They Do It?


Elite Malay Polygamy: Wives, Wealth and Woes in MalaysiaELITE MALAY POLYGAMY
Wives, Wealth and Woes in Malaysia
Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen

Volume 41, Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives


An ethnography of elite polygamy in urban Malaysia, this volume explores the impact this growing practice has on Malay gender relations, examining the varied and often-conflicted polygamy narratives of elite Malay women, who manage their lives and loves under the “threat” of husbands able to marry another woman without their knowledge or consent.

Read Introduction: Polygamous Anxieties



'City of the Future': Built Space, Modernity and Urban Change in Astana‘CITY OF THE FUTURE’
Built Space, Modernity and Urban Change in Astana
Mateusz Laszczkowski

Volume 14, Integration and Conflict Studies


“The book can serve as the perfect companion to post-graduate studies in many fields, because its methodology is brilliant, clear, transparent, and utterly reflexive. No doubt it will become a major reference text on many syllabi to come.”Central Asian Affairs

Read Introduction: Pathways into the ‘City of the Future’


Border Aesthetics: Concepts and IntersectionsBORDER AESTHETICS
Concepts and Intersections
Edited by Johan Schimanski and Stephen F. Wolfe

Volume 3, Time and the World: Interdisciplinary Studies in Cultural Transformations


“This well-structured book offers a refreshing and novel approach to the now fairly crowded field of border studies, advancing an innovative and humanities-facing theoretical framework grounded in aesthetics.” · Hastings Donnan, Queen’s University Belfast

Read Introduction


Cosmos, Gods and Madmen: Frameworks in the Anthropologies of MedicineCOSMOS, GODS AND MADMEN
Frameworks in the Anthropologies of Medicine
Edited by Roland Littlewood and Rebecca Lynch


“Despite high levels of unpredictability and uncertainty, and in some instances even the failure of miracles, what is most striking is the universal and powerful incentive and motivation behind this search. In terms of the book’s wider contribution, it provides an effective and timely response to the current comparative biomedical focus within medical anthropology, by reconnecting with its social origins.”Anthropology & Medicine

Read Introduction: Divinity, Disease, Distress


Death of the Public University?: Uncertain Futures for Higher Education in the Knowledge EconomyDEATH OF THE PUBLIC UNIVERSITY?
Uncertain Futures for Higher Education in the Knowledge Economy
Edited by Susan Wright and Cris Shore

Volume 3, Higher Education in Critical Perspective: Practices and Policies


“…this book makes a unique and ethnographically-based contribution to the study of universities. Chapters are well written and avoid repetition, despite their overlapping concerns. Finally, as Shore and Wright note in their introduction, the volume focuses on contexts in the Global North, where the ‘neoliberal’ university is seen as most pervasive and enduring.”Anthropological Forum

Read Introduction: Privatizing the Public University: Key Trends, Countertrends and Alternatives


Flexible Capitalism: Exchange and Ambiguity at WorkFLEXIBLE CAPITALISM
Exchange and Ambiguity at Work
Edited by Jens Kjaerulff
Volume 25, EASA Series


“The book is an intriguing compilation of research that deals with changes in modern labour and employment. Its authors add new perspectives to debates in sociology of work and contemporary social thought.” · Vera Trappmann, Universität Magdeburg

Read Introduction


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Anthro cat JrAccess the Journals Anthropology Collection!


We are delighted to offer free access to our complete Anthropology Collection* for AAA conference attendees until the end of the year!

To access all the journals in the collection, login through our website and use the code AAA18 to redeem.

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