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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in May


Now Open Access!

Anthropology in Action

Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice

Volume 25, Issue 1 

We are delighted to announce that, as of 2018, Anthropology in Action will be published as an open access journal per the Knowledge Unlatched Select initiative! Read more in our related blog post.

The first new Open Access issue has published! The articles in this issue analyze the development of ethnographic drama in a Swedish medical ward, expose the difficulties associated with conveying persuasive messages of domestic violence prevention, and challenge assumptions of child health policy. This issue concludes with reviews.

Read an excerpt from this issue on our blog!

Boyhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 11, Issue 1

The authors in this issue of Boyhood Studies unanimously invite an appreciation of the many regional, temporal and contextual inflections of manliness-in-the-making: from Lord Baden-Powell’s and American contemporaries’ middle ages to late nineteenth-century Mexico’s French Third Republic, back to Baden-Powell and into the Great War, and back again to present day Mexico. This issue concludes with a series of book reviews.

The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology

Volume 36, Issue 1: Cognitive Disability

The articles in this special issue of The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology give new empirical accounts of the lives of people with cognitive disabilities and raise, simultaneously, urgent practical questions about the regimes of care and the fundamental character of human social life, and the scope and limitations of our understandings of central constituent features such as reason, freedom and responsibility.

Democratic Theory

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 5, Issue 1

The articles in this issue of Democratic Theory range from an investigation of civic-political and cognitive participation as they play out in democratic theory to an analysis of the power of spectatorship in the democratic world. An interview with John B. Min and Jason Stanley on propaganda in liberal democratic societies follows. This issue concludes with a series of research notes.

European Comic Art

Volume 11, Issue 1: Spanish Comics, Part I

This is the first of two special issues of European Comic Art dedicated to Spanish comics. The articles in this issue show how their objects of analysis can be understood when taking into account regional, national and transnational processes, and represent a surprisingly broad spectrum of historical periods, genres and themes.

German Politics and Society

Volume 36, Issue 1: The 2017 Bundestag Election and its Aftermath

This special issue of German Politics and Society is titled “The 2017 Bundestag Election and its Aftermath.” Ranging in topic from gender images throughout Angela Merkel’s campaigns to the role of mainstream media in German politics, this issue explores the future of German politics in the wake of the Alternative for Germany’s successful 2017 Bundestag election.

Regions and Cohesion

Regiones y Cohesión / Régions et Cohésion

Volume 8, Issue 1

The articles in this issue of Regions and Cohesion range from an analysis diaspora philanthropy by Filipino migrants in Luxembourg to how pro-environmental practices related to consumption and waste contribute to the formation of pro-environment citizenships. This issue concludes with a leadership forum that includes an overview of the 4th World Forum for Local Economic Development in Praia.