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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in May

Boyhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal
Volume 10, Issue 1
With the theme of “Male Youth Sports: Changing Contexts and Emergent Perspectives,” this special issue presents contributions about boys in global sports contexts from fields as diverse as the history of sport, sport sociology, and sport psychology.

Democratic Theory
An Interdisciplinary Journal
Volume 4, Issue 1
The articles in this issue propose various reforms to core democratic mechanisms and engage with the ideas of impermanence in democratic governments, common democracy, and popular referendums. This issue also includes a book symposium, critical commentary, and Democratic Theory’s first “practitioner’s note,” which highlights the democratic enterprise SeeClickFix.

Social Analysis
The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice
Volume 61, Issue 2
With the theme of “multiple nature-cultures and diverse anthropologies,” this special issue examines the relationship between the possible existence of multiple nature-cultures (or alternatives to that distinction) and the definite existence of diverse anthropological traditions. The contributors reflect on various analytical traditions and ways of engaging with different forms of nature-culture.

European Judaism
A Journal for the New Europe
Volume 50, Issue 1
Stemming from a conference that took place at the University of Leicester in April 2014, this special issue of European Comic Art on ‘Comics and Adaptation’ aims to contribute to this field and to the growing body of works on comics and adaptation.

European Comic Art
Volume 10, Issue 1
This special issue on ‘Comics and Adaptation’ aims to contribute to this field and to the growing body of works on comics and adaptation. The authors explore questions of heteronormalisation and phallogocentrism, authenticity of drawn events, ‘high’ and popular culture, and more.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies
Volume 16, Issue 1
This issue titled, “Beyond the Anthropological Texts: History and Theory of Fieldworking in the North” aims to start a discussion on the history and ethnography of ethnographic fieldworking in the North and Siberia.

Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society
Volume 9, Issue 1
This special issue examines textbooks in countries undergoing political transition, change, and convulsion. The articles consider textbooks from countries shifting from one political regime to another, “at different speeds and with different priorities,”1 in the second half of the twentieth century. The articles raise a number of questions. What happens to textbooks during the intervals between one form of government and another? How does the information contained in textbooks change during these intervals of instability and uncertainty, and during the phases of the construction and consolidation of a new political regime?

Nature and Culture
Volume 12, Issue 2
This journal is a forum for the international community of scholars and practitioners to present, discuss, and evaluate critical issues and themes related to the historical and contemporary relationships that societies, civilizations, empires, regions, and nation-states have with nature.

The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing
Volume 18, Issue 1
This journal is an interdisciplinary journal that explores travel as a practice and travel writing as a genre, reflecting the rich diversity of travel and journeys as social and cultural practices as well as their significance as metaphorical processes.

A Journal of Social and Political Theory
Volume 64, Issue 151
This special issue is titled ‘Turner and His Times.’ Richard Turner was, and arguably remains, the most brilliant, original and intellectually arresting South African philosopher of the post Second World War era, if not of all time. The prematurity and nature of his assassination, conjoined to the difficulty in accessing much of his later work, also renders him one of the potentially and tragically most ‘forgotten’ figures in South Africa’s intellectual history.

Anthropological Journal of European Cultures
Volume 26, Issue 1
How do European societies differ from what had been hoped and designed in the years 1989-1991? Contributors in this special issue explore whether this period continues to define individuals, societies and historical representations of Eastern Europe and beyond.