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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in March



Celebrating 30 Years of Scholarship!

Critical Survey

Volume 30, Issue 1: Shakespeare and War 

In its current incarnation, Critical Survey is now thirty years old. The first of four issues in its volume, this special issue serves as a reminder of the journal’s founding principles: clarity of exposition; relevance to the curriculum; recognition given to emerging fields of study; and the potential to blend critical with creative voices. This issue concludes with book reviews and poetry. 

European Judaism

A Journal for the New Europe

Volume 51, Issue 1: Rabbi Lionel Blue z’l Memorial Issue

The memoirs and tributes to Lionel Blue z’l in this issue of European Judaism reflect the many dimensions of his life and work, yet a common thread runs through them. All who have written testify to his warmth and generosity of spirit, the support and advice that was always readily available, his openness to people of all kinds and persuasions.


Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

Volume 2018, Issue 80: The political in/of Europe

This themed issue of Focaal first introduces the vantage points of critical scholarship that distinguishes itself from the mainstream, and people and places that are geopolitically in Europe, but “not quite” European if viewed in relation to “Europe” as a normative trope. It follows with topics ranging from deindustrialized Latvian countryside to the militarization of US social science in such initiatives as Project Camelot.

French Politics, Culture & Society

Volume 36, Issue 1

The articles in this issue of French Politics, Culture & Society range from the affective politics of French romantic socialism to the relationship between history and memory in the comic form. The spatial and temporal conceptions of Algerian historical memory are explored, and issues of settler identity formation, anticlericalism, and racism are examined. This issue concludes with a memorial for renowned historian Allan Mitchell and book reviews.

Girlhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 11, Issue 1: Locating Tween Girls

The articles in this special issue, titled “Locating Tween Girls,” locate age more centrally in girlhood discourses that intersect with geography, technology, class, race, sex, gender, and sexuality. They do so through a variety of methods and tools: a collection of qualitative data on the uses of media, an analysis of middle-grade novels about black girls and nonconforming tweens, all to expand on crucial areas in the study of tweenhood. 

Now three issues a year!

Israel Studies Review

Volume 33, Issue 1

This issue of Israel Studies Review is the first to include a new section titled, “Teaching Israel Studies.” The articles in this issue range from labor relations and unionization to Orthodox women’s military service and, of course, a number of book reviews.

Nature and Culture

Volume 13, Issue 1: Civil Society and Urban Agriculture in Europe

This special issue of Nature and Culture comprises articles by social and environmental scientists. All have an interest in the potentialities of urban agriculture as mediated through civil society actors to contribute to, shape, and transform urban policies in the intersecting fields of land use and access; food and urban ecosystems; education and environment; and history, heritage, and cultural practice.


A Journal of Social and Political Theory

Volume 65, Issue 154

The articles in this issue of Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory range from a reevaluation of John Rawls’ distinction between ideal and nonideal theory, and an analysis of a comprehensive university-wide democracy at the University of Witwatersrand. Two major orientations of cosmopolitanism are examined, and the defining feature of academic excellence is disputed.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

Volume 8, Issue 1

This special section on “Degendering the Driver” explores how gender intervenes in the potential shift from a driver-centered to a driverless car culture. It focuses on representations of imagined futures-prototypes, media images, and popular discourses of driverless cars. This section is followed by Ideas in Motion, Mobility in Art, and various reviews. This issue marks the first under Dagmar Schäfer’s editorship.

Learning and Teaching

The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 3 

This issue of Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences (LATISS) opens with an account of an experiment undertaken by team of climate-change postgraduates and their tutor. The following articles analyze a simulation included in a sociology course about globalization, academic literacy practices, and teaching controversial issues. This issue concludes with book reviews.