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Berghahn Journals: New Issues Published in July



Online First Articles

Online first articles are final articles posted ahead of issue publication. The text is fully edited and finalized, but the pagination is subject to change once the issue for which the article is earmarked is complete. At that point, the article’s pagination will be updated, and it will be moved from this section to the issue in which it will be published.

Isreal Studies Review


Rebranding Desolation: The Allure of Israel’s Desert Landscapes by Amelia Rosenberg Weinreb

Hebrew Dystopias: From National Catastrophes to Ecological Disasters by Netta Bar Yosef-Paz

Holocaust Tweets as an Act of Resistance by Lia Friesem

Editors’ Note by Yoram Peri and Paul L. Scham

Intertwined Landscape: The Integration of Arabo-Islamic Culture in Pre-state Palestine by Mostafa Hussein

Celebrating 30 Years of Scholarship and Now Increased to 4 Issues a Year!

Critical Survey

Volume 30, Issue 2: Chaucer: Knowing, Truth, Authority

Following Critical Survey 29(3), the articles in this second special issue on Chaucer range from the notion of ‘doubleness’ of thought initiated by Chaucer in his exploration of the complex loves of Anelida and Arcite and pursued by Henryson in a poem that takes textual and amatory doubleness as its foundation to an examination of Bodleian MS Fairfax 16. This issue concludes with poetry.

French Politics, Culture & Society

Volume 36, Issue 2

The articles in this issue of French Politics, Culture & Society range from social distances and class hierarchies during the First World War to an examination of how “memory activists”—and particularly new anti-racist groups—mobilized the memory of slavery to address issues of community identity and resistance within the context of twenty-first-century republicanism. This issue concludes with a review essay and book reviews.

Girlhood Studies

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 11, Issue 2

With this issue of Girlhood Studies, we recognize the tenth anniversary of the death of Jackie Kirk, one of the co-founders of the journal. This issue begins with the other co-founding editors’ tribute to Jackie, followed by a visual essay “Honoring the Legacy of Jackie Kirk,” in which a special international event that took place earlier this year that paid tribute to her work is documented. This tribute is free to access. The articles all relate to girls, education, and social responsibility, very much in keeping with Jackie Kirk’s professional life.

Learning and Teaching

The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 1: Contextualising student engagement: The case of recent reform in United Kingdom higher education

This special issue of Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences (LATISS) titled “Contextualising student engagement: The case of recent reform in United Kingdom higher education” focuses on the shift in policy and discourse in the post-Browne Review era, exploring institutional change and everyday experience, and reflecting on the power and limits of policies.

Regions and Cohesion

Volume 8, Issue 2

Issue 8(2) of Regions and Cohesion is a reminder that human rights need not be subsumed or diminished within the global development agenda. The articles in this issue focus quite explicitly on human rights in transnational, national, and sub-national contexts, and many of them highlight the importance of political will. This issue concludes with a leadership forum.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies

Volume 17, Issue 2

This open issue of Sibirica features work from scholars from a breadth of disciplines: history, anthropology, linguistics, and environmental studies. It begins with a look at the contribution of Finnish ships and sailors to the Russian American Company’s efforts in the North Pacific. An in-depth look at the career of A. E. Nordenskiöld in the late nineteenth century follows and the “sentimental pessimism” of the Artic north portrayed in recent media is challenged.

Social Analysis

The International Journal of Anthropology

Volume 62, Issue 2: States of Imitation: Mimetic Governmentality and Colonial Rule

The articles in this special issue of Social Analysis titled “States of Imitation: Mimetic Governmentality and Colonial Rule” present a set of case studies that demonstrate the potential for addressing issues of mimesis, colonial rule, and state formation together in the context of broader historical and anthropological research on colonial histories in the modern world.


A Journal of Social and Political Theory

Volume 65, Issue 155

The articles in this issue of Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory range from a discussion of paralogisms of criteria and paralogisms of judgement in Goblot’s La Barrière et le Niveau to an evaluation of the liberatory potential of artistic practices by the colonised prior to combative decolonisation. This issue concludes with book reviews.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

Volume 8, Issue 2

This issue of Transfers examines the intersection of mobility and aesthetics, where they could be seen to encompass all manner of creative processes, practices, and embodied movements. Reworked this way, kinaesthetics may serve as an important concept through which to understand interdisciplinary themes of embodied movement, artistic practices, subject formation, and politics. Following articles engaged in these concepts are sections Ideas in Motion, Mobility and Art, and Museum Review. This issue concludes with book reviews.